Sea of Thieves Dark Brethren Tall Tale Guide

This guide will focus on the newly added Dark Brethren tall tale as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean themed A Pirate’s Life DLC for Sea of Thieves and help you complete the quest, solve puzzles and earn its relevant commendations.

Sea of Thieves Dark Brethren Tall Tale

Dark Brethren is the 4th Tall Tale in A Pirate’s Life before the climactic showdown against Davy Jones in Lords of the Sea. This guide should help you get through Dark Brethren smoothly without your mates slurring unique pirate words like the drunkards they are. Without further ado, let us begin:

Do note that you will need to complete all three previous Tall Tales that have come with the newest update. After completing them, head over to any Outpost and into the Castaway’s camp. You will find your contract here. Vote and ready up, we are in for an adventure of a lifetime!

After a brief cutscene where you are revealed the obvious: Davy Jones is upset with Captain Jack Sparrow and the Sea Queen is no more with us. Finally, she reveals herself to be Calypso.

Buckle up, after the cutscene, you will have Jack on your team. Your next task is to head over to the Coral Fortress.

Coral Fortress

Head over to your ship’s basement, where the map is located. On the map, the Coral Fortress should be in the extreme North, right between J and I. You can also refer to the last page of your Tall Tale book for more information.

You know you are getting closer to Coral Fortress when the seas start getting rougher and it starts raining hard. If you are a party of 3-4, we recommend that your friends do start performing their duties instead of drunk-dancing and singing their way through. The fortress-island itself looks like Kraken’s head subjectively.

There are multiple ways you can enter the island, but we don’t recommend using the human cannonball method. Davy Jones would want you to sail to the south side of the fortress island and throw anchor near the glowing stone you see.

Swim to the surface of the island and head into the small cave entrance you see in front of you. You will see a door that looks like a heart with a face inside but is cracked into two and Jack Sparrow right beside it.

Wait for Jack to do his magic and Sesame! the door has opened for us. We can finally head inside the Coral Fortress to continue our adventure.

Stand on the geyser to get pushed up to a ledge. Follow the path to a wooden beam, where you can use a pulley to jump across. Follow Jack down the slide and you will eventually find yourself in the Chamber of Sorrow.

The Chamber of Sorrow

In the Chamber of Sorrow, you will find a massive galleon in front of you: The Flying Dutchman. Board the ship through the front and head down into the hull to find the map table. Interact with the table to boot up the ship.

Head into the Organ Room and you will find our beloved Captain jack holding a Music Sheet. Interact with Jack to get the Sheet Music and start the organ mini-game.

Organ Mini-game Puzzle

The Organ mini-game is straightforward but does require the use of an eye or two. Find the key that has a big ‘1’ scratched on it. That is your anchor. This and the next seven keys are the keys you will be using.

Here is the entire order of keys you should be pressing:

One → Two → Three → Four → Five → Eight → flat key between Five and Six → Five

If you played the organ in the right order, all candles should have lit up. Be loaded up on grenades and weapons because a large battle is about to begin!

Survive the waves

You will have to survive a few waves of enemies. You will need to kill all enemies in each wave to progress, so there is no use hiding in a cellar somewhere. Each wave glows up a giant siren statue.

Survive until the door behind the Flying Dutchman opens up. Head inside to continue the tale.

Traverse the Fortress

Through the door, you will have to jump into the water. Swim through but be careful: there are a few sirens up ahead. We recommend using a shotgun but of course, all of you are better pirates than us!

Keep moving further ahead until you reach a big room where you can dive again. Dive into the water and break all the pieces of rope that are tying down the shipwreck. There should be a total of six pieces.

A platform will be elevated; hop on to it through the nearby ladder and you’ll find a pulley. Interact with the pulley to open up the path nearby.

Siren Statues Puzzle

As you try to traverse further, Captain Jack will help you reach the top. At the top, Jack will gift you with a Siren Heart that you will have to put in one of the two statues up ahead.

There are two siren statues, but one is missing a heart. Interact with the statue to place the Siren Heart inside. After putting the heart, you will have to interact with the painting to ensure that both siren statues have their arms pointing up.

Hit the siren statue with the Conch and the path will open for you.

Once again, you will find yourself at the doorstep of three siren statues, a pulley and some valuable ammo. Here is the order of arms for the three statues:

  • Statue one (the one with the painting on the left side) – lower its arm.
  • Statue two (the one at the end of the shipwreck, to the left) – ensure its arm is by its torso (middle).
  • Statue three (at the end of the shipwreck, to the right) – keep its arm high.

After fixing all three statues, hit the siren statue with the Conch and your path will open up again.

Head back to the original position with the ammo crate and interact with the pulley. This will allow you to lift the shipwreck to open up the path forward and reach another puzzle.

This is hopefully one of the last statue puzzles in the entire tall tale. Make sure both statues have their arms pointing up high. After that, trail back to the mast to find a mast. Hit it with the Conch to open the door up ahead.

Battle the Ocean Crawlers

As soon as you enter the next room, you will have to fight some Ocean Crawlers. After making quick work of them, you can use the geyser to get on a ledge to find some rope. Hit the rope with your sword to cut it. This will open up the door for you.

Here you will find three very different siren statues:

  • The Chain Statue – lower its arm.
  • The Mineral Statue – keep its arm by its torso (middle).
  • The Flower Statue – erect its arm high.

Once again, hit the siren statue with the Conch to open the room up ahead. In this room, you must simultaneously activate both pulleys to make your way to the water slide.

As soon as you slide down the water slide, you will be met with another cutscene. Your next step will be to enter the next and final room of the tall tale. This is where it all ends!

Ritual of Thieves

In the final room, you will have to disrupt the ritual. To do this, you must destroy the forcefield first. Battle through the army of Ocean Crawlers first until Jack asks you to help him with the pulleys.

There are two pulleys in this room:

  • Pulley one – it is on the Northside of the room.
  • Pulley two – it is on the Southside of the room.

As soon as you are done with the pulleys, you will be given to them big cannons. Blast your way through the forcefield to disrupt the ritual and end the tall tale. Thank you so much for sticking with us!


Here are all the special goodies you can get when you complete the Dark Brethren tall tale in Sea of Thieves:

Siren’s Call: Find all 5 murals: Ship mural, Cannonballs mural, Trident mural, Mermaid mural, Shark mural

Secret Waters: Slide down the hidden pathway when you first opened the Coral Fortress door.

Dark Desires: Listen to the entire conversation between the Brethren Court while staying hidden.

Hearts of a Thief: solve the block puzzle in Brethren Court in the following order: Shark→ Mermaid→ Trident → Cannonballs → Ship

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