Sea of Thieves Captains of the Damned Tall Tale Guide

In Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, ‘Captains of the Damned’ is the third Tall Tale story that you can play. It can be started after completing the first two Tall Tales and then voting for it at the Castaway’s camp at outposts. In this guide, we have the complete Sea of Thieves Captains of the Damned walkthrough for you.

Sea of Thieves Captains of the Damned Tall Tale

At the start of the Captains of the Damned quest in SoT A Pirate’s Life, talk to the Castaway at the camp where it will be revealed that you need to find and save Captain Jack Sparrow.

At the camp, Gibbs will hand you over Jack’s compass which will help you track his location as well. The Castaway will also open the Mythical portal for you from where you will start your search for Jack in this quest of A Pirate’s Life DLC for Sea of Thieves.

After the dialogue with Gibbs and the Castaway is done and you have the compass, your next objective will be to sail through the Mythical portal to Sea of the Damned. Head on to your ship and then follow the compass needle which will take you to Mythical portal in Sea of Thieves.

Tunnel of the Damned

When you enter the Mythical Portal, you will arrive at the Tunnel of the Damned. While in the Tunnel of the Damned, your ship will not be in your control and it will automatically take you to your destination. The tunnel will have some different ghostly figures talking and scaring you so hang tight!

Your journey through the Tunnel of the Damned will take you to a Spooky bayou. Once out of the tunnel, you will regain control of your ship. Start following Jack’s compass for directions on where to go.

Following the compass’s directions will take you to a strange area having a magical field blocking the area under it. Leave your boat and follow Jack’s compass which will take you to the next place you need to be. Keep following the directions until you reach a Shipwreck called the Blue Bayou.

A Banner saying ‘Captains of the Damned’ will also appear as you reach the Blue Bayou ship wreckage. Jump into the Ship wreckage and head to the captain’s cabin where you will see two skeletal remains sitting across each other. Use your lantern on the candle on the table and take the ‘Flame of Souls’.

Then head outside the boat and go north a bit to find a small rowboat. On the rowboat, follow the compass’s directions down the water path. The compass will take you back to the area where you left your ship before.

You will see a tall hut near this area. Head to this tall hut and light the torches after climbing the ladder. Lighting the torches will make multiple souls appear beneath you. All the souls will be holding candles but some of them will not be lit. Use your lantern to light up the unlit candles.

Accessing the Fort of Lost Souls

Lighting up all the candles will result in Tia Dalma perform a ritual and cast a spell that will break the barrier blocking your path and you will be able to continue on your ship now. Once the barrier is broken, board your ship and again, follow the compass for directions.

Jack’s compass will now take you to the Fort of Lost Souls. Park your ship here and then jump off to the dock. On the dock, you will find a skeleton hanging with a lantern near it. Use your lantern to light the Skeleton’s lantern.

Your next objective will be to head to the fort while lighting up multiple torches on the way. Use your compass to find the directions to the fort. You will need to light up all the torches on the way to the fort in order to lower the giant gate of the fort.

At the giant gate, a lot of ghostly voices will welcome you. Enter the gate and move forward to the center of the courtyard. Light up the four lanterns to open up the gate at the center. Jump down the gate which where you will spot a skeleton holding a lock pick.

Take this lock pick from him and then follow the compass directions to reach the courtyard of the fort again. Head past the gate that you unlocked to find another door that can be lockpicked and unlocked.

The door will have a ladder which you can climb. Climb to the top where you will see a lift mechanism with a rope. Cut the rope to make a path for you to proceed. Jump around the roof and follow the compass directions to reach the lighthouse.

Lighting up the Lighthouse

At the center of the lighthouse, use your lantern to light up the lighthouse. You will then need to light up 5 different beacons around the lighthouse. Once all five beacons are lit, the ghost Phantom Fleet will spawn and you will have to defeat them.

Defeat the different crew members that come towards you. After you defeat the Phantom ghost fleet, return to your boat and follow the compass directions which will take you to the two beacons that you lit at the lighthouse.

Keep following the compass directions which will take you to a cave that leads to Isla Tesoro. In Isla Tesoro, park your ship at the dock and use the compass to reach the area where you will see ghosts drowning someone.

Keep moving forward until you reach a clothing shop. You will see Captain Jack Sparrow inside the shop. Head inside and follow him. Use the latch to exit to a path outside the shop. Keep moving on the path, using the compass for directions.

You will see Jack walk through a gate but it will be closed for you, so you will have to find a way around. There will be a pulley near the gate. Use it to raise the scaffold and then use the multiple other pulleys to make your way inside the wall.

Entering the Jail

Follow the path which will take you to jail. You will need jail keys to enter inside. Follow the ghost paws to find the jail keys and enter inside. Drop down and look to the east of the room for a hole in the wall. Enter the building and ascend the stairwell. Unlock the door and enter a room filled with pulleys.

Use the pulley system to align the platform in such a way that they are central to the canal. Look to the northwest and concentrate on the platform in the middle of the room. It’s connected by a shaky rope, as you can see.

The platform will slide over the canal if you shoot the rope. Open the gated door and proceed to the chamber where the weak rope was fired.

From there, continue on the path to reach the courtyard to find the treasure key. Use the key to unlock the door nearby. Inside the treasure, you will find Jack Sparrow. Now, your objective will be to escape Isla Tesoro with Captain Jack.

You will have to make your way back to the ship, fighting off different enemies on your way. You will have to fight Black Dog Briar boss. After you defeat him, return to your ship. You will now have to chase down the Black Pearl.

Head south towards the beacons to get close to the Black Pearl. When near it, the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones will appear and a fight between them will take place, with you a spectator. After the fight, head to the Tavern of the Damned.

Inside the tavern, you will meet the Cursed Captain and Jack Sparrow. You will need to convince Jack Sparrow to leave the Sea of the Damned with you. Return his compass to him and when he is ready, return to the Sea of Thieves to complete the Captains of the Damned Tall Tale.

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