Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale Journal Locations Guide

In Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life, each Tall Tale has a number of journals scattered around it. Collecting these journals earn you commendation and helps you proceed with the game further. In this Sea of Thieves guide, we’ll be looking into the journal locations of Cursed Captain and Headless Monkey’s Captain in A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale and how to get to them efficiently.

Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale Journal Locations

The first Tall Tale in this Pirates of the Caribbean themed expansion for Sea of Thieves is called “A Pirates Life” and has a total number of two sets of five journals.

The first set will be on the same path as your main story tasks, while the second set will be availed after you complete some side quests.

The first set of journals are memoirs of the Cursed Captain, a rather chatty skull you find in the tall tale. Let’s look at where we can find them.

Cursed Captain’s Journal Locations

Finding Cursed Captain’s Journal locations won’t be a hassle as they’ll be present in the same location as your main quest.

Dissent in the Ranks
This is the first journal you’ll have to find. You’ll start from the top of the central area and go down to the Sailor’s Grave. Go down from the mud path and make an intersection to the wooden walkway.  Follow the path until you start to see the ship ruins.

Keep following the wooden path, and you’ll eventually be led to a ruined ship with a doorway. Enter the door, and you’ll find a skeleton chilling on the bed with a map. Look to his right, and you’ll find a side table with the journal on it.

Off the Edge of the Map
Now go back from the Skeleton’s room and head to the same path you came from. Head to the Sailors Grave area and go straight. As soon as you see the light tower, take the southwest direction. Keep going forward until you notice a pub ship on your left with two skeletons inside playing chess.

Go inside from the little opening, and you’ll find a table with the journal on it.

The Haul of a Lifetime
Head back out from the entrance of the pub ship and go straight. Just as the wooden path finishes, take your first left, and you’ll find The Last Stand tavern.

Go inside the deck and make your way up to the very top of the ship. As you reach the top, go towards the east of the roof, and you’ll find a round table with the journal on it.

Strange, Yet Familiar
Now step down from The Last Stand tavern and head back to the path you came from. Head to the southwest and go straight towards the path that leads to the light tower. Cross the bridge and go inside. Use the broken circular staircase to go all the way up.

As soon as you reach the very top, you’ll find a bookshelf at the very front with the journal on it.

Lights Out
Go down back from the circular staircase and cross the bridge. Go straight and head west. Now go straight and head towards the Golden Hare with red sails on it.

Go inside and then head up from the stairs. Take the first left and climb up the ladder. Go straight and climb the second ladder. Now head straight into the captain’s cabin and grab the journal from the bookshelf on your right.

Headless Monkey’s Captain Journals Locations

The next set of journals are the Headless Monkey’s Captain Journals. To get them, you will have to complete a series of connecting puzzles and quests first.

To get to these journals, make sure you do not place the Cursed Captain on his body in the Captain’s Quarter at the Golden Hare. If you make this mistake, you won’t be able to complete the quest.

The first quest demands you to grab the cage keys from the Last Stand Tavern and find Poor Dougie and his treasure. Next, you’ll have to acquire the Captain Bones Special Recipe and use that to win chess. And for the last quest, you’ll have to summon the Ferryman and then turn the lighthouse’s beam towards the north.

By doing so, you’ll witness a beacon towards the right of the ship with red flags. Light it up and the bridge which will lead the shipwreck to open. From here, you can start collecting the journals.

Let’s look into all five locations for Headless Monkey Journals.

Somewhere in the Caribbean
Go across the bridge and make your way to the Headless Monkey Shipwreck.  Go straight to the deck and look for a skeleton. Just beside the Skeleton will be the first journal.

Also, grab the keys to the cabin while you’re here.

Raising the Mad Monkey
Now go back from the deck and approach the ship mast. The journal will be tucked here.

A Fateful Pursuit
Go down from the deck and turn to your left. Now take another left and walk straight till you find the cabin door. Use the key you picked up from the deck earlier and unlock the door. Go directly in and find a table with a map and a lantern on it. Look near the lantern and you’ll find the journal.

Fresh Waters
On the left side of the table will be a bookshelf with the journal on it.

A Headless Monkey
Now go back towards the deck and stop where you see a broken mast and a lit lantern. Look to the ground, and you’ll find a journal there.

Ahoy Pirates! You’ve gathered all the Journals for Sea of Thieves’ Tall Tale 1, “A Pirate’s Life”.

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