SCUM Reaches 700,000 Copies Sold In Just One Week

SCUM has been the talk of the town after not having a single dull moment in its first week of Early Access. SCUM has since had plenty of happenings over this course. The latest of these events has seen the game make 700,000 sales of the game’s copies in this one week.

Hence, the excitement for the game wasn’t allowed to get low throughout the first week which probably led to these impressive numbers. The official account of the game made this announcement on Twitter after acknowledging the support they have received within the week by posting:

SCUM has been in Early Access for one week and we can’t thank the community enough for your support!
Our team is working hard on new updates, features, and content for our now 700,000 players! More news soon, prisoners.

The survival game even made it to the top ten Steam games with respect to player count. Some Nazi tattoos were also added to the game only to be removed swiftly before things got any bitter. The latest patch for the game also saw characters of players being wiped out entirely.

Apart from all the aforementioned events in Early Access for SCUM perhaps the character wipeouts raised a few eyebrows. Later, it was explained to have been done in order to fix a problem with the single-player saved games which required the action to be taken.

The reasons were even mentioned in SCUM patch notes:

“To enable single-player save, we needed to change save files format. This means that all characters on all servers have been wiped. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll try to make wipes as less frequently as possible. Please don’t forget that game is still under heavy development so things like this can happen.”

Although the online-characters might have vanished entirely from SCUM the single player profiles have remained intact with all the gear. However, the feeling surely is not comforting when a player finds their online character all gone along with the collected gear. Nonetheless, given it was only their first week they can be granted some leniency.

On the other hand, the SCUM servers have been optimized to cut the chances of lag which is a great development for the online survival video game. Moreover, single-player commands have been added and certain bugs have also been offloaded.

Furthermore, do not expect to get lucky after one single warning from the sentries because they will spot and remember the players. Therefore, if they see you for the second time, they’ll make sure it is the last time. So, better get your survival game straight if you wish to go far in the game.

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