SCUM Crafting Guide – Crafting Tips, Craft Spear, Bagpack, Knife

Crafting in SCUM is not only very extensive but also incredibly complicated. One of the advantages of such a system is that you are allowed to do many things that would otherwise be impossible. This SCUM Crafting Guide will help you with figuring all of the features of the Crafting System.

This SCUM Crafting Guide will be your one-stop guide to learning the basics of crafting and some tips which are very helpful.

SCUM Crafting

SCUM has a very good Crafting System once you grasp the basic concepts of it. One of the ways in which I was quite surprised by it was the fact that you are able to use some replacement parts if they serve the same purpose as the other parts. For example, you can use wiring instead of rope. Of course, the amount of the material required will vary but this addition is great.

Let’s go ahead and figure out some of the basics that are bought with the Crafting System and look at some tips and tricks.

How to Craft a Knife

Once you spawn in, the 3 items mentioned above are the ones that should be your first priority. These items will allow you to hunt, gut the animal, and have a place to store its meat. They will also offer you some basic protection which is very important in a game like SCUM.

In order to craft a knife, you need to find 2 rocks. You can keep the first rock in your pants while you look for the second one. Once you have them both, open up your inventory and select them both by pressing the left click.

After that, you need to right-click one of the rocks which will bring up the menu. In this menu, you will be able to find the option of crafting a Stone Knife. Click on that and the knife will be ready in a few moments. After that, grab the knife from your vicinity and put it in your inventory.

How to Craft a Spear

After that, you need to find long sticks. These can be found in the thick bushes. Go to the bushes and use your knife to cut them up. The item that you are looking for is the long stick. You should be able to find a stick like this quite soon.

In order to craft the spear, all you need to do is use your Stone Knife and combine it with the long stick. It is best to have 2 spears with you so that you are able to throw one just in case. It is also possible to have 3 if you can hold one in your hand but 2 will do the job just fine for this moment.

How to Craft a Bagpack

Once you have crafted the 2 spears, I would suggest going back and crafting another Stone Knife as that can be quite useful in the time to come. After that, you need to find a small zombie that you can kill so that you are able to harvest some clothes.

Keep walking around until you find a zombie around you. Try to find a zombie that is quite weak so that you are able to kill easily. Find the zombie, get its attention and isolate it from the pack.

Once the zombie has been isolated, you can use your spears to deal damage. It is best if you take one melee shot and then throw the spear. Then use your spear and try to get a headshot to kill the zombie. Once the zombie is dead, you will need to go to its body and search.

The search will reveal some clothes which you need in order to get some extra space. A jacket is useful for space but the other items need to be cut into rags.

Once you have the rags, cut them into rag strips until you have around 5 of them. After that, go to improvised rope in the crafting section and craft it. You may need to kill around 2 zombies in order to get all of the materials that you require for this. What you need are around 2 rags along with 1 improvised rope.

Once you have both of them, all you need to do is to go to your inventory and simultaneously select improvised rope, 2 rags, and your Stone Knife. With this knife, you will be able to craft the bagpack.

The item that you are looking for is known as the ‘Improvised Courier Bagpack’. This item will increase your inventory space by a large amount and allow you to carry on surviving much more easily than you could before.

Crafting Tips

Although you can pretty much do anything you want which is the beauty of survival games, it is best to craft the 3 aforementioned items before you do anything else since they are the ones that actually allow you to be effective in the world and have some progress to ensuring your survival.

You should also be able to understand the basic crafting mechanics by now such as how you can highlight items in your inventory and then use all of the selected items to craft something that you require. You should also be able to use the crafting menu by now which is relatively easy and intuitive as opposed to pretty much the entire other game.


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