SCUM Canned Food Guide – How To Open Cat Food

With such a huge emphasis on realistic survival mechanics in the game, you need to utilize every food resource you can get. There’s no exception to this rule, yes, not even cat food. Sometimes, an opener isn’t lying there to open up cans. What do you do in that case? Follow our SCUM Canned Food Guide to find out.

SCUM Canned Food

Your character will get hungry sooner than you might expect. In a case where you don’t have the fire to warm meat, or the resources, just a can, how do you open it?

SCUM Canned Food isn’t to be undervalued, mind you! Unlike the other processed foods, canned food will never cause stomach sickness to your character and keep him well fed too.

How to Open

Speaking of opening it, the first choice, it can be found in abandoned buildings and can be retrieved from corpses. However, that’s not so convenient and you won’t be always lucky to find one.

The same thing goes for Scissors, Plastic, or Steel ones, they can open up cans but would also be required to be found upon chance.

The most convenient way remains using the Stone Knife. This is rather easier since you can grab stones from literally anywhere on the island, 2 stones will do.

Once you have them, go to the Crafting Menu and drag the stones from the Vicinity tab to the knife icon which you can now craft thanks to the ingredients.

Simply equip the knife in your hand and interact with the can to get the food out and feed your hungry tummy.

The key here is that you need to select the items in question, the can and the opener, be it a knife/scissors or your normal can opener. Go to your inventory and first select the knife, then the can.

Once you’ve done so, right-click on the can to open it and consume the food inside. Alternatively, you can go with the method we discussed previously: equipping the opener in your hand and interacting with the can by right-clicking it thereafter.


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