Scorn’s Still Eying A Fall 2021 Release, New Details Coming “Soon”

Scorn has now been in development for more than six years and despite a long period of silence from developer Ebb Software, the game is apparently still in active development and has not been scrapped.

During the proceedings of Gamescom 2021 last night, an advertisement for Xbox Game Pass stated that Scorn will arrive somewhere in fall 2021.

Take note that it was last October when Ebb Software showed some gameplay and since then nothing. However, following the Xbox Game Pass advert, the developer broke silence on its social media accounts (via TheGamer) by confirming that new details will be shared about the game “soon enough.”

Scorn was announced back in late 2014 and in 2020, was confirmed to have had its development shifted over to the new Xbox Series consoles from Xbox One.

Last year, game director Ljubomir Peklar stated that Scorn is driven by immersion and as such requires high-end visuals which can only be obtained through next-generation hardware. The platform switch meant rebooting most of the game to take full advantage of the Xbox Series consoles which includes running in 60 frames per second at 4K resolution without any visual sacrifices.

Scorn is heavily inspired by the legendary works of H. R. Giger and follows a humanoid lost in a nightmarish world of living techno-organic structures composed of steel, flesh, and bone. The art style is both grotesque and beautiful, and how players see it highly depends on how accustomed they are to Giger and his works which include the 1979 horror film Alien.

Scorn was initially supposed to release in 2017 before getting rebooted. The game remains in development for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and PC, and continues to eye a release window somewhere in fall 2021. Since new details have been promised by Ebb Software, fans can keep their fingers crossed that the game comes out meeting their expectations after such a long, long wait.

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