School Blames Fortnite For Child Pulling Out a Knife At Playground

There are so many different studies conducted to figure out if there is a link between video game and real-life violence. Some of the studies say that there is indeed a link between the two while others say there is no link between the two.

However, there many who don’t think twice before blaming video games for rising violent behavior in kids and teens. Since video games are an easy target many find it convenient to turn this medium of entertainment into a scapegoat.

Recently, a 10-year old child from Scotland South Ayrshire pulled a knife while everyone from the class was on the playing field. School authorities called the police on the scene and cops took charge of the situation, confiscating the knife. Thankfully, no one was harmed during this incident. The name of the school is protected due to legal reasons.

But sadly, education professionals are pointing fingers at Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale for  this latest “surge of violent behavior.”

Teachers claim that violent scenes from Fortnite are being reenacted at schools. The same school previously expressed concerns to parents that Fortnite is behind an increase in violence. Not only that but the “computer game culture” in general is to blame for “bad language” used in schools.

There is no conclusive evidence or study that proves a link between video game violence and real-world violence.

They could be a factor at the end of the day but the primary issues likely to drive violence behavior in kids and teens are mental health problems and neglect, things that are very common in the western world today.

Until conclusive evidence comes to light blame can not be placed on video games in such a manner.

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