Tips to Ensure Victory in Scavengers

Our guide will provide you Tips to Ensure Victory in Scavengers and get you up to speed with all the tips and tricks that you’ll need to come out on top in the exciting Battle Royale/Looter-Shooter combo that is Scavengers.

Scavengers Tips and Tricks

Scavengers is the brand-new, free-to-play online shooter in town. The fact that in this franchise, you can win even without ever coming across an enemy team illustrates the strategy that goes into it. So, let’s go ahead and check out the most important tips that you must follow to achieve victory in this game.

Look for More Data, Not More Kills
Scavengers is a point-based game in which your aim is to rack up the most data, not the most kills. This means that avoiding skirmishes with other players is in your best interest. Now, there are a total of, 60 players per match divided into three teams, meaning that encounters with the opponents every now and then are almost inevitable.

This is where you’ll need to assess the situation. Whenever an enemy is near, consider the time left for the match, and whether or not you need more points. If you’re desperate, launch an offensive. Otherwise, stay put.

Sliding > Running
In Scavengers, if you’re looking to save up your stamina, your best bet is to refrain from sprinting and resort to the crouch slide. What makes it even better is that sliding covers the same distance in a shorter period than sprinting and the more momentum you have, the longer you’ll slide. When coming out of a slide, you can jump to perform a really cool flip.

Crouch to Steer Clear of the Enemy’s Radar
When you’re moving quickly, you will appear as a red ping on the mini maps of all the foes within 100 meters of you.

So, if you’re looking to catch your enemies by surprise, stay low and resort to crouching. Trust me, your patience will be worth it!

Don’t Forget to Bring a Healer!
Bringing a healer along always helps especially when you’re caught up in a crisis such as that in a dropship standoff. Halden can be an excellent choice for the healer as he lets out a big ball of healing with a green aura. When inside this ball, you and your teammates will be back to full HP within a few seconds and as long as you remain inside it, your health won’t deplete.

Focus on Your Survival
As mentioned in the first tip, getting more data and salvage is more important than killing all the enemies. After all, being the last one standing isn’t really the objective of the game. So, you should clear out NPC camps as well as all the objectives. Resultantly, you’ll be rewarded with a salvage packet.

If you manage to get out of the planet alive, you’ll be able to unpack it and get your hands on the variety of materials it drops such as new weapons, items, and skill modifiers.

Here’s How the Survival System Works in Scavengers
If we talk about the cold, it is noted by a meter near your health bar and stems from you being out in the open for quite a while. If your cold status bar keeps on depleting, you reach the freezing status. Once you do, your health bar also starts to deplete.

To counter it, try to gather near sources of warmth, such as fire and torches. You can also look for thermal pads and get rid of cold for a bit, irrespective of where you are.

As for stamina, it is represented by the yellow bar. It diminishes when carrying out melee attacks, sprinting, dodging, or jumping. So, avoid physical exertion unless necessary, and don’t forget to carry some food items with you to fill up your stamina bar when needed.

Don’t hesitate to Leap!
If you’re afraid of jumping off a cliff, then don’t be as you won’t receive even the tiniest bit of damage.

Carefully Decide Your Next Salvage Pitstop
Whenever you have to decide your next salvage stop in Scavengers, keep an eye out for the nodes where the number is reducing. This is an indication that your opponents are draining them off data. So, accordingly, you can decide either to head to those nodes or avoid them.

Holster Your Weapon to Increase Your Sprint Speed
If, for some reason, like if you need to evade an opponent team or a storm circle, you need to hit your top pace, holster your weapons by pressing X.

Keep an Eye Out for Shield Colors!
The HP of each of the available shields varies depending upon its color. In the order from weakest to strongest, they are green, blue, purple, and gold.

Keeping the knowledge of the shields in mind, weigh your opponent accordingly.

Turn dodge roll to Your Advantage
If you’re having trouble fighting a melee-ranged battle, then try shifting your position mid-battle more often by dodge rolling. You need to press the middle mouse button to perform this move.

If You Die, You’ll Respawn
If you happen to be the last person alive on your team, don’t panic. Save your life by hiding or running away from the enemies. After exactly a minute, your teammates will respawn. For this respawn to occur, at least one of the teammates has to be alive.

Utilize Letty’s ability
When you’re in a do-or-die situation, try using Letty’s ability. It disables your opponent’s abilities for a few seconds, allowing you to regather your thoughts.

Bank Data at Upload Stations
Banking data is important if you want all the effort, that you put in for the collection of data, to count for something. When you die, you lose half your data. And if you don’t make it off the dropship, you’re going to lose a lot of data too. So, by banking data at upload stations, you always have something to take back regardless of whether or not you make it home.

Look Out for the Bears!
Don’t take bears lightly. In fact, in the early game, a single strike from a bear is fatal!

Wisely Tackle the Dropship Part
When the dropship arrives, it doesn’t leave for five straight minutes. So, before boarding, you need to cautiously assess your options. If you’re far lower on the leaderboard, go for all the data that you can get: crouch and hide nearby and wait for other teams to obliterate each other. When they’re done, jump in and clear up the scraps.

On the other hand, if you are not short-handed, find yourself a decent hiding spot in the vicinity and wait until the last moment to rush in and finish the job. While you wait, if other players cross you on the leaderboard, try to improvise and sprint in a bit earlier to take down some of your enemies.