Scavengers Crafting System Guide

Scavengers is a sandbox-survival shooter. As such, it’s not only about killing every player on the map; you might not even have to kill anybody to win. The added challenge is that you have to survive the post-apocalyptic world of Scavengers, completing as many objectives as possible to emerge victorious on the other side. To complete those, you need the aid of the crafting system in Scavengers to help you.

Scavengers Crafting System

To make things easier, though, Scavengers does let you upgrade your gear so that the next time you step out into the wasteland, you are better equipped to survive. For this, you’ll need to go to the research tab in the main menu, where you will use your salvage and materials to start researching different projects.

Salvage and Materials

Salvage is a form of currency, if you will, found on the Earth and leveling up explorers. Basic salvage types are outlander hoard bags, Scourge biomass, orbital debris, etc. Salvage also includes the weapons and unused items you bring back.

You can then extract crafting materials from the research menu from salvage, which can then be converted into components.

Basic Materials

Common Material Salvaged From
Chemical Salt Industry Byproducts
Copper Outlander Hoards
Crystalized Hydrate Industrial Byproducts
Glass Outlander Hoard
Iron Alloy Outlander Hoard
Minerals Industrial Byproducts
Pigment Scourge Biomass
Plant Fiber Scourge
Biomass Silicon Industrial Byproducts

As you level up, you will gain access to more material qualities such as uncommon, rare, and legendary materials.

Power System

To complete your research projects, you’ll need power. At earlier levels, you get five power per minute, which stacks to a total of 100. This gain will increase as you level up.

Research also takes time, so the rarer the item, the more time it will need to finish. However, you can use the chips, which are shop credits, to immediately speed it all up.

Researching Tiers

Each research tier will give you more as well as advanced research projects. But upgrading a tier is very expensive in material costs and takes a considerable amount of power that players might not have at earlier levels. Also, it will take up to four hours to upgrade a tier. But these are worth it for the higher-level research projects that you unlock.

Researchable Items

  • Signature weapons, unique to each character
  • Wildcard weapons
  • Items (Health, stamina, thermal boosters, etc.)
  • Throwables
  • Talents
  • Cosmetic items for your characters.

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