Where to Find Wither Sabbat in Scarlet Nexus

A few side quests in Scarlet Nexus require you to kill the Wither Sabbat enemy type so you might be wondering where to find them. In this guide, we will be helping you out in pinpointing some of the Wither Sabbat Locations in Scarlet Nexus. We will also be telling you what kind of loot drops can you expect from them.

Scarlet Nexus Wither Sabbat Locations

The Surprise Test Continued side quest requires you to kill Wither Sabbat’s with a Brain Crush move and if you are trying to complete that quest, chances are you will be looking for locations where this enemy spawns. Once you find a Wither Sabbat, defeating it with a Brain Crush is very easy. Here are the locations where you can easily find Wither Sabbats.

Where to Find Wither Sabbat

There are two locations where this enemy type spawns frequently. You can go to the Mizuhagawa District and head for the Construction Site. There, you need to head for the open area in the construction site and fight some enemies until the Wither Sabbat spawns and then deal with it using your Brain Crush ability.

Or, you can go to Kikuchiba and head to the Mid-Level Shopping District. You need to go to the very end of the shopping district until you reach a parking lot. There, you need to kill all of the enemies until the Wither Sabbat spawns.

Just like your previous encounter when trying to kill Vase Paws, if you want to complete the side quest, you need to kill the Wither Sabbat using your Brain Crush ability.

What they Drop

The Wither Sabbat is not that generous when it comes to dropping loot. Once you kill one, it can drop Ecology A or Pool-Type Suppression and that’s about it. So, we don’t recommend chasing after Wither Sabbats for farming purposes. Just complete your side quest and forget about them.

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