Scarlet Nexus Vase Paws Locations Guide

Whether it be for a quest or just for farming materials, knowing where to find Vase Paws in Scarlet Nexus can be quite useful. This guide aims to help you easily figure out the Vase Paw Locations in Scarlet Nexus to help you complete the Surprise Test side quest.

Scarlet Nexus Vase Paws Locations

Vase Paws are some of the most unique enemy types you’ll encounter in Scarlet Nexus and you encounter them very early in the game. A Vase Paw has a flower vase for a head and human legs. It wears high heels and has a beautiful bouquet in the flower vase. They are hard to miss.

You might be looking to farm some materials or complete the “Surprise Test” side quest, either way, you are going to need to find some Vase Paws and kill them to acquire Vase Paws Analysis in Scarlet Nexus.

We will be giving you a pretty good idea about where you can find this enemy type and what kind of rewards can you expect upon defeating them.

Where to Find Vase Paws

You can find Vase Paws in Kikuchiba. Once you are in Kikuchiba, head to the Mid-Level Shopping District and you’ll be able to fight some Vase Paws there. If you are trying to complete the “Surprise Test” side quest, you need to kill 2 Vase Paws mid-air.

To do that, you have to launch your enemy in the air and deal a finishing blow before they touch the ground. You can fine-tune your mid-air combat abilities by investing skill points on the Brain Map, so this challenge should not be difficult at all. You can weaken them up and just when their health is about to run out, throw them in the air and finish them off.

You can also find a few Vase Paws in the Upper-Level Construction Site if you want to farm some more.

How to Farm Vase Paws Analysis

Killing Vase Paws can help you farm a few different things. If you are short on money and want to stock up on vital items before battle, farming Vase Paws is a good way of doing that.

Vase Paws can drop Battle Record A, Ecology A & C, Vase Paw Analysis as well as Paws Suppression materials. You can trade these materials at the Shop for other items as well so there’s no way farming some of these easy-to-kill enemies doesn’t benefit you.

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