Scarlet Nexus Totally Lost Walkthrough

A specific side quest in Scarlet Nexus requires you to pull off a rather challenging skill, more than once. This can be especially tough, so you better get ready for some grinding. In this Scarlet Nexus Totally Lost Walkthrough, we’ll be showing you a few tips on how to pull this off.

Scarlet Nexus Totally Lost

What is the Psychokinesis Finish? Well despite its name it isn’t really a finisher, this only kills your opponent if and only if their health is very low. It only works on opponents who are already knocked down.

Psychokinesis Finish also costs quite a lot of Brain points to learn, as it’s almost towards the end of one branch of the skills on the Brain map.

Perform Psychokinesis Finish

Totally Lost side quest requires you to successfully perform a Psychokinesis Finish and for that you need to select the right downed opponent. Because being knocked down and having their crush meters depleted are two different things.

So essentially the only enemies you can knock down are Others with shells. A prompt may always appear when one is around, so that makes identifying them easier.

Find Others with shells, places with preferably high spawn rates include Kunad Highway and the Supernatural Research Facility. Attack them and get their HPs as low as possible without killing them. Knock them down, or wait for the opportunity where they are knocked down and use your Psychokinesis Finish on them.

But this isn’t done yet. After you see an object hover above them and then drop down, they seemingly still won’t be dead. But you have to pause here, don’t attack them again just yet.

After about 5 seconds they will disappear and when that happens you will have successfully performed a Psychokinesis Finish.

Well to complete you will need to pull off three of these. Supernatural Research Facility is your best bet for this. This skill is pretty useless otherwise though and is no help at all in boss fights so just avoid spending points to get it and save them for something better.

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