Scarlet Nexus Tips and Tricks

There is a lot going on in the newly released Scarlet Nexus, given the complex game mechanics, different combat styles, companion system, and much more. In this guide, we have some very handy tips and tricks for you which help you start your Scarlet Nexus journey just about right.

Scarlet Nexus Tips and Tricks

You play as OSF recruits Kasane or Yuito in Scarlet Nexus, both with different perspectives to the main storyline of the game. Since Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG, both characters have a very distinct playstyle which is why we will provide you tips on how to handle gameplay for both in Scarlet Nexus.

Combat Tips and Trick

Many bosses in the game will have a Shell around them which you need to attack first so that you can expose the weak points that if you damage with even your basic attacks, will bring the boss down.

The unique Brain Crush Mechanic in Combat allows you to hit the enemy’s different points by learning its posture and identifying its weak points. This skill will be unlocked early in the game, and you must use it.

The Telekinesis ability will be unlocked quite early in the game too which you must use to speed up in the game and dodge the enemy attacks even faster. Sadly, you can’t activate this manually. You can also use the special items around you to instantly kill the enemies like you can pick a train and drop it on your target.

You can use the Elements effectively with basic attacks and expect huge damage. Furthermore, you need to be careful of elemental attacks that the enemies might deal you with. Finally, you need to make sure that you use the surrounding special items as they may contain elements that you can use against the enemies.

The companion mechanics in the game is very robust and you can expect a very encouraging response from your companions in the battle. Your companions have different Psychic abilities which you can couple with yours to do wonders in combat.

Brain Map

This progression system in Scarlet Nexus is like a skill tree where you need to spend your brain points so that newer, more effective abilities can be unlocked and used. When you spend the Brain points in the brain map you will actually be expanding your skillset

Ranging from better damage, more aerial movement, better dodging, double jump and counterattack moves. These all will be learned in more effective manner so that you can use them in combat, through the BP you spend in Brain Map.

Fast Travel and Saving the Game

The game does have an autosave feature where it saves your progress automatically at checkpoints or if you enter new areas but, in some instances, you might have to save your game midway the quests which may sound unconventional but it is possible.

All you need to do is to talk to Satori the Archivist which you can reach by following the small yellow cart symbol on your mini-map. Satori always can be found near the cart or at entrances and exits of areas. Talk to him and save your game which you can reload from the saved file Menu.

Fast Travelling is also a great feature in the game which saves you a lot of time. You can only expect to fast travel to the areas you have already discovered on to new areas where a mission awaits. Furthermore, within the missions, you can’t fast travel to the objective’s location.

To fast travel, you need to only bring up the map and select a location where you can easily fast travel to give the conditions mentioned above are fulfilled. An important point to notice here is that if you fast travel to the Hideout with your Party members, all of your HP will be refilled and you won’t have to use Consumables for that purpose, this is the handiest feature of fast travel in Scarlet Nexus.