How to Defeat Shiden Ritter in Scarlet Nexus

In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat Shiden Ritter, once your companion and now an enemy, by highlighting the key strategies you can use in the boss fight against him in Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus Shiden Ritter Boss

Before the battle starts, Kasane Randall wakes up in a room in which there is no internet, and the GPS program is not working as well. After waking up she comes to know that Shiden Ritter supporting the Seiran Rebellion and won’t to let her go and after that, the fight begins.

This is a one on one battle between Kasane and Shiden Ritter. Defeating him is not that difficult if you keep a few steps in mind.

How to Defeat Shiden Ritter

From the very start of the match use your attacks like Psychokinesis and throwing knives and deal damage to him. But keep in mind that Shiden is electrokinetic so getting hit by his attacks could result in you getting shocked.

Shiden Ritter is pretty quick so you have to keep this in mind and always try to main a distance from him. He will be using the special objects in the room to damage you along with his swords. You can follow the technique of dodging and attacking for dealing significant damage to him.

Use Special Objects

You can use different Special objects with your psychokinesis in the room as your advantage of attacking him. These attacks will deal much damage to him. He can also use special objects, so watch out for him as well.

Effective Range

Shiden Ritter is using dual swords and will mostly use combos close up. If you just back up a little you can make him whiff all his attacks and hit him back freely. Stay at this effective range and his Crush gauge will fall in no time.

Brain Crush

One of the best ways of defeating him is attacking him continuously once you made a successful hit. Attack after attack and then performing your Brain Crush when Shiden’s Crush gauge is gone will rip off more than half of his health and the fight will get much easier for you. He will wake up again after you perform the special attack and the fight will start again.

This time he will be desperate to kill you and attacks you with more aggression. But since his health is quite low so you can simply continue to attack him and dodging his attack and you will eventually defeat him. After that fight, Shiden Ritter also joins the team to progress further in the game.

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