How to Defeat Naomi Randall in Scarlet Nexus

Taking a bullet for Kasane, Naomi Randall is suddenly and unexpectedly transformed into an Other. Now, it is up to you to defeat the creature that she’s become. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Naomi Randall in Scarlet Nexus by highlighting the attack patterns of the boss and key strategies you can utilize.

Scarlet Nexus Naomi Randall Boss

The fight against Naomi Randall will take place in two phases the first phase is quite simple, and you just have to attack her. However, the difficulty suddenly spikes in the second phase! But still, don’t take the first phase too lightly as Naomi can still dish out a good amount of damage. So let’s start with the first phase of the Naomi Boss fight.

First Phase

While you wouldn’t want to go near whatever Naomi has turned into, its best you stay at close range and go ham with all your attacks.  You do have to be careful of some sweeping and shockwave attacks but in general going all in will knock her down easy.

You can attack her with your weapons and dodge her attacks whenever you see her arms or legs swiping towards you. Other than that, she has some short leap attacks. The most damaging one is the AoE Swirl attack which you cannot dodge if you are in her range.

Simply stay near her mid-section and keep attacking but take some breaks to dodge her shockwave and sweeping moves. Once she’s down, continue the assault!

Tip 1

When she leaps at you she struggles a bit and this will provide you with a short window of attacking her freely. You just have to avoid the actual lunge while doing this.

Tip 2

Don’t use the objects in the arena. You’ll see prompts everywhere indicating that you can telekinetically attack with the debris, but these are best saved for the next phase of the Naomi Boss fight.

Second Phase

In the second phase, the fight gets interesting and tough as well. This phase will be started once her HP is lowered to a certain limit. In the second phase, Naomi twists, turns and gets back to full life and a crush gauge appears as well.

This adds to her power and she gets more resistant against your attacks. The fight might be looking difficult now but it is not that tough if you follow proper guidelines.

In this phase, you have to play quite patiently. You have to attack her after she attacks you. Simply dodge her attack and then attack in the short window you got. You have to perform short combo attacks and get back quickly.

Monitor her attacks very closely and you will get a clear picture of when to attack and when to hold back. After you do this for a while, she will cover the arena with dust that will block your vision. But here, as Tsugumi mentions, SAS clairvoyance comes in quite handy.

You have to use it whenever she uses the gas attack and the rest of the moves she performed are the same so have that in mind as well. Just follow these instructions and continue to fight and eventually you will defeat her.

Tip 3

Now’s the time to use those objects in the arena. You will have a few metallic bars which you can launch at her, but you need to be very precise while using them because you don’t have many to spare, and you don’t want to lose any of them.

If you make a successful hit with one of telekinetic attacks, it will deal a large amount of damage to her and the crush gauge. In case you hit her with all the available special objects the fight will end soon.

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