Scarlet Nexus Nagi Karman Boss Guide

Scarlet Nexus is a newly released RPG that features the city of New Himuka with many quests, boss fights, and more. There are tons of boss fights that take place during the story campaign that requires you to beat them to progress further. This Scarlet Nexus guide will be focused on one of the bosses called Nagi Karman and teach you tips and tricks on how to defeat the boss.

Scarlet Nexus Nagi Karman Boss

Nagi Karman is one of your allies and part of the OSF when you play as Yuito that suffers from memory loss, which causes him to forget everything about his allies and turn against them. Now it is up to you to take down your friend.

How to Defeat Nagi Karman

You face Nagi Karman two times during the campaign of the game: once in the Where Lost Memories Lead quest, and a second time during the Eternal Vow, Eternal Bond quest.

First Fight with Nagi Karman

The first time you face Nagi Karman is during the Where Lost Memories Lead quest when you are in the Old Ward of the Old OSF Hospital.

The attack pattern of Nagi during the first encounter is pretty fair and simple to counter. He will try to keep his distance from you and shoot Shurikens at you. If you try to get close to him, he will perform Uppercut kicks and make you airborne with himself, followed by a wind smash in the downward direction.

If you get caught in his attack, you will lose a lot of health. The tactic to counter his attack is to keep your distance from him so that he only shoots Shurikens at you. The Shurikens are precise and will hit you easily if you do not dodge them.

Keep your distance and wait for him to shoot Shurikens. After that when he performs a random melee attack, this is where you will use your SAS: Teleportation ability to close the distance and release havoc on him. Keep spamming different combo attacks and drain his health.

Once his health drops to 70%, he will hide behind a smokescreen. Use the SAS: Clairvoyance ability to see him through the smoke. Use the same previous tactics to damage him.

At 50% health, he will surround himself with floating Shurikens and use a new tornado attack that forms a large tornado around him. He stands in between the tornado without doing anything.

Strike him during the tornado attack by teleporting inside the tornado and performing combos on him. Keep repeating the same process until he is defeated.

Second Encounter

The second time you face Nagi Karman is when you are in Phase 9 of the campaign in Suoh. This time Nagi will cover himself with floating Shurikens and use the same attack pattern that he used during the first encounter when approached.

To counter this, just before he’s about to throw the Shurikens, hit him with the Psychokinesis strike to stun him for a short time and teleport near to him.

Start hitting him with some combos and when called by your allies, respond to their call to perform a very powerful combo called the Attack Vision. Repeat the process until his health reaches 70%.

A cutscene will be played where Nagi screams in pain and pushes you behind. Your health will now drop 30% and the second phase will begin. Nagi will now gain increased movement speed and the ability to charge attack you from any distance.

Keep running on the sides to dodge his attacks. Dodge his attacks and counter-attack him. Hit him a few more times and his health will drop to 50%.

You will now be in Nagi’s brain field state where he is only able to use his Tornado wind attack. During the entire brain field state, he will only throw Tornadoes at you. Keep running to dodge the Tornadoes.

Once the brain field state is over with, Nagi will come back to his regular attacks. He will try to attack you from behind by using the smoke. Use the SAS: Clairvoyance counter to keep track of him and attack him at the right moment to finally defeat Nagi Karman.