How to Earn Money Fast in Scarlet Nexus

Players may find themselves often in need of cash in Scarlet Nexus, as it is quick to go but hard to come by. The primary source of it is killing enemies, which may not be as rewarding as you may think. Here we will show you how to earn money fast in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Earn Money Fast in Scarlet Nexus

Considering how hard it is to come by money in Scarlet Nexus, you’ll find yourself more often than not, going out of your way to earning yourself some extra buck. While earning money in Scarlet Nexus itself can be a challenge, it’s just the time it takes to accumulate it to a worthwhile amount, however, it is readily accessible through easy sources like disposing of your enemies.

Defeating Loads of Enemies

Pretty straightforward, considering it’s the easiest source of money in the game. Playing through the main storyline will keep netting you cash, as there are plenty of enemies to kill, even side quests offer you more enemies to slay and earn money off of. But in the end, the money is still pretty far from being significant, and you’ll need to grind a lot.

While earning money through defeating ‘Others’ is a steady source of income, it definitely isn’t plenty. This is why you’ll need to think of good alternatives if you don’t like to grind too much.

Learning Brain Crush Money Bonus

This is a skill in the Brain Map, it is very useful for your money-making dreams as it will increase the amount of cash received after you kill an enemy using brain crush, the more enemies you defeat in a single combat instance the higher the reward.


Similar to how this can help you in BP farming. Backtracking into previous areas can be helpful for farming as every time you enter an area through the World map the enemies will respawn, so it’s basically an endless loot cycle.

What is Money Used for in Scarlet Nexus?

You’ll be needing money to buy most of your upgrades in the game. This is why if you see something cool, you might want to kill off Others until you can finally afford that gun you deserve. Money is used to buy everything in the game pretty much; it is the primary currency used for all kinds of upgrades.

If you think you’ve got some money to burn, you might want to hit up a shop and see what you can buy.

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