Scarlet Nexus Kasane Randall Boss Guide

Scarlet Nexus gives you a choice of playing as two different characters, Yuito and Kasane. If you choose Yuito, then Kasane will be your enemy and you will have to face her as a boss throughout the game story three times. In this Scarlet Nexus guide, we have listed down all three encounters you will have with Kasane Randall and how to defeat her each time.

Scarlet Nexus Kasane Randall Boss

While Kasane may have been your comrade in the OSF, the story takes some twists and turns resulting in you having to fight and defeat Kasane when playing Yuito’s story route in Scarlet Nexus.

Kasane Randall Boss Fight #1

The first fight with Kasane takes place early on in the game during a training exercise. This will be the easiest of the three fights against her, but will still be a modest challenge. This fight will be a one-on-one duel, so no companions will be available for help during this fight.

In the first boss fight, Kasane will use Psychokinesis attacks which she will use to throw things at you from a distance. Make sure to dodge the items to avoid taking damage. Also stock up on Light Jelly to heal during the fight, if you lose HP.

As you will also have Psychokinesis abilities available, you can also throw items at Kasane. Make sure to do it when she is performing an action as she will not be able to defend or dodge when performing an action.

Kasane also has knives which she will use to perform Arrowloot leaf attack you if you get too close to her. Try to get one or two melee attacks on her and then move away to dodge her knives. Keep performing these attacks until Kasane runs out of steam, which will finish the first fight.

Kasane Randall Boss Fight #2

The second fight against Kasane will take place at Kikuchiba after she attacks Yuito’s father. The second fight is really similar to the first fight as Kasane will mostly be using the same attacks she did in the first fight. You can use the same strategy in the first phase of this fight. When she draws her Arrowloot Leaves back, use melee attacks to damage her. Use Psychokinesis to hurl things back at her after avoiding her throws.

In the second phase of this fight, you will have access to Brain Field. In Brain Field, you will not have any weapons but you will be able to perform continuous Psychokinesis attacks. Keep barging Kasane with your attacks and when prompted to end the Brain Field by Gemma, do so otherwise you will die.

As your brain field ends, a cutscene will play after which the normal fight will resume. Repeat the strategies above to finish the second Kasane boss fight.

Boss Fight #3

The third and final encounter with Kasane Randall takes place later on in the game and this fight will be the toughest of the lot, as Kasane will have Kagero and Arashi to help her this time. However, you will also have companions to help you out during this fight.

The best tactic is to first deal with Kasane’s companions, Kagero and Arashi, before going all out against Kasane. In this fight, all of your enemies will have access to Brain Drive ability, so make sure you don’t go to close to them while they power up.

To deal with Kagero and Arashi, drop the oil barrels on them using special Psychokinetic throw. This will do really high damage to them. Kagero and Arashi will not have much health to start with, so it is relatively easier to defeat them.

After you deal with them, it will be a three-on-one fight versus Kasane now. Kasane will be much powerful now and will have a much larger health bar. But as you have two companions with you and access to SAS powers as well, it won’t be a big challenge once you deal with her companions.

During the boss fight, Gemma’s Sclerokinesis will protect you from Kasane’s blades, while Tsugumi’s Clairvoyance and Luka’s Teleportation will allow you to dodge whatever she throws at you. So whichever of the two companions you have, you will be at an advantage against Kasane.

However, Kasane will also have Brain Field and if she uses it, you won’t be able to use Psychokinesis abilities in it. However, SAS powers will be available to you so use them while in Brain Field. After her Brain field ends, use your attacks to drain her HP and defeat her for the final time!

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