Scarlet Nexus Gunkin Perry Boss Guide

We will be helping you figure out the best strategy and explain how to defeat the Gunkin Perry boss in Scarlet Nexus. This huge monster is one of the first bosses you encounter and prove to be quite a challenge if you waltz in the fight unprepared.

Scarlet Nexus Gunkin Perry Boss

You will be facing Gunkin Perry part of Yuito’s storyline and will be accompanied by Hanabi. Gunkin Perry is a Level 5 boss who might seem daunting at first but if you keep an aggressive and smart approach, he can be easily countered if you follow these strategies:

Use the Metal Beams
Metal beams are hanging right above the boss arena. You can use these beams to inflict some decent damage to Gunkin. All you need to do is lure him below these beams and then make them fall on his head using your psychokinesis abilities.

It’s easier said than done as you will need some patience to lure him below the metal beams.

Tire Him Out!
After you’ve lured Gunkin below the metal beams, your next plan of action should be to tire him out. The monster will occasionally dash towards you and deal heavy damage if you are caught in the attack.

But as soon as he finishes the attack, he remains stunned for a few seconds. That window allows you to get in and deal some quick damage.

This battle will test your patience because you cannot attack greedily. Stun him, deal damage and get out. Repeat this process until you slay the monster.

This monster is vulnerable against Pyrokinesis so you should keep your bar charged. Since this fight is early on in the game, Hanabi won’t have many skills unlocked so relying on guerilla tactics is your only and best bet.

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