Scarlet Nexus Going to Togetsu Walkthrough

An NPC at Musubi’s is really into the Togetsu Faith but can’t join because of Others lurking at the mountain; this is where you can help. In this walkthrough, we’ll tell you how to complete the Going to Togetsu side quest in Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus Going to Togetsu

Going to Togetsu is a side quest in Scarlet Nexus which you will get during Standby Phase 8 while playing as Yuito. You can accept this side quest at Musubi’s restaurant interior.

An NPC going by Togestu Faith Hopeful will give this side quest and a window will pop up which will allow you to accept the side quest. Accept that quest and it will begin.

How to Complete Going to Togetsu Side Quest

This side quest isn’t as simple as killing a few Others. It specifically requires you to defeat 5 Session Pound Others during Brain Drive.

But don’t worry, it can be done easily. After accepting the quest, you have to teleport to the Hieno Mountain-Mountainside.

It is advised to defeat different types of Others in that area for charging up your Brain Drive gauge. After that, you will reach the Hieno Mountain Trail Head-Togetsu Area.

Save your progress here so that in case you can’t defeat all 5 session pounds during Brain Drive, you can reload and try again without having to build up Brain Drive again.

After saving your progress you have to enter the battlefield and here you have to kill 5 Session Pound during Brain Drive. You will face more than 5 Session Pound here, but you just have to kill 5 for completing this side quest.

You have to master the skill Psychokinesis Finish to complete this task easily since it will guarantee a brain crush opportunity when you deplete the crush gauge on a Downed Session Pound. The Session Pound Others which blow themselves up will not be counted in your kill numbers so avoid those.

You have to kill 5 of them on your own using your attacks for completing the side quest. You don’t have to worry much about that even if you don’t succeed on the first attempt you can reload the game from the save point.

For completing this side quest you will be rewarded with the one Full-Face Mask [Luminous].

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