Scarlet Nexus Gifts Guide

In Scarlet Nexus, gifts are an essential part of the game as they play a significant role in the bonding system. In addition, they act as an important agent to increase your levels and help recruit members to your team. In this guide, we’ll be diving deep into the gifts you can find in Scarlet Nexus, gift locations, how to give these gifts, and which character prefers what gifts.

Scarlet Nexus Gifts

Giving gifts to your companions becomes almost crucial in Scarlet Nexus as it helps them join you and provide better assistance in the battles you take part in. Apart from that, it influences the bonds levels and helps out with other mechanics.

How to Find Gifts

Obtaining gifts in Scarlet Nexus is not much of a hassle. The standard way to get these gifts is to purchase them from the “Present” section of the shop. If you really want to bond with someone, you better be ready to spend some hard-earned material on them.

Just simply go to the “Exchange” tab and trade the required material to acquire the gift. Or, if you would like to earn the gifts, you could simply opt for the side quests.

The side quests are more of a trial-and-error thing with no promises, but give it a go if you don’t have enough material to spend. There are some chances you’ll receive unique items from these quests, but they are never consistent.

You could also find some gifts around the map. Simply explore every location you can, and you’ll find something exclusive. You’ll also receive some side quests along the way, which can provide you with other valuable items as well.

How to Find Out What to Gift

Know the value of your materials and only trade-in for the gifts that are really worth it. You can’t simply gift a random object to the characters; instead, you need to think it through. And luckily it’s not hard at all!

Search up for the available gifts, and to your convenience, portraits of characters will pop up at the bottom corner. These portraits will make it super easy for you to determine your purchase and directly lead you to a wanted gift.

With every gift, the chosen character’s portrait color will change and inform you about their opinion on the gift.

For example, Grey Portrait means they won’t accept the gifts and, to be honest, they hate it. Yikes.

A Colorful Portrait means that they’ll accept the gift. Which quite honestly means they’ll only take it because it’s there.

A Portrait with a Little Pink heart means that they like it and will accept it. And a Portrait with a Huge Red Heart means they’ll love it!

We suggest you heavily depend on the character’s opinion as it will directly affect your bonding level with them. Gift the items that are the most loved by the character and watch your bond increase with them. However, if you gift a character an item that they don’t like, it will be a waste of your trade and time.

How to Give Gifts in Scarlet Nexus

Once you have obtained the item you plan to gift to the characters; the final step is to bring it to them. To do so, you need to go to the Hideout in Standby Phase 2 and interact with the character of interest. This will lead to a conversation with them, and then you can select the “Gift” option and present it to them.

Gift Giving Freak Trophy

If you want to acquire the Scarlet Nexus Gift Giving Freak Trophy, you must give gifts to every character except Kasane or Yuito.

To keep track of the items you have gifted to the characters so far, go to your “Exchange Tab” and look for the checkmark beside the portraits. To view the list as a whole, just simply go to the “Library” and press the characters to view ten characters per list.

You can obtain some gifts from around you in the green item spots, and others can be gathered from many side quests. All of these gifts become available altogether once you’ve reached Standby Phase 11.

To give the gifts, you must play the second playthrough with Yuito and Kasane, as they both have unique gifts to offer to their mates.

What do Companions Prefer?

Following are the gift preferences of your companions.

Gifts for Hannabi

Accepts – Fashion Magazine “Rumor,” Pink Bottle Drink, and Red Cushion.

Likes – Squash Racket.

Favorite – Rare Antique Lamp.

Gifts for Gemma

Accepts – First Aid Kit, Squash Racket, Beige Abdominal Roller, Heavy Dumbbell, and Hanging Scroll “Solid.”

Likes – Sand Bag and Famous Select Alcohol Set

Gift for Tsugumi

Accepts – Green Curtain Fresh Verdure, Magazine “Girl Quarterly,” Color Foliage Plant, Squash Racket, and Bundle of Old Books.

Likes – Blank Plant Observation Journal

Favorite – Soothing Flower Painting

Gifts for Luka

Accepts – Plaid Cushion, Perfect Poster Vision, and Drone and Controller.

Likes – Hero Figure Vol. 1 and Squash Racket.

Gifts for Kyoka

Accepts – Neurology Essay Collection, First Aid Kit and Fun Snack Set.

Likes – Flower Aroma Candle.

Gifts for Shiden

Accepts – Bundle of Old Books and “Organization Management for Beginners”.

Likes – Septentrion Data Collection and Tortoise Shell Glasses.

Favorite – Cleaning items.

Gifts for Arashi

Accepts – Modifiable Drone and Debarabi Cushion.

Likes – Fun Snack Set.

Favorite – Tool Set.

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