Scarlet Nexus Environmentalism Walkthrough

In this Scarlet Nexus Environmentalism Walkthrough, we’ll walk you through the Environmentalism side quest, how to find this side quest, and rewards received upon completing the quest.

Scarlet Nexus Environmentalism

While playing Scarlet Nexus, there are several side quests that you need to complete. Most of these side quests present quite a challenge, and the Environmentalism side quest is no different. However, don’t worry too much though because we’ve got you covered. Below we have dived deep into the whole Environmentalism side quest and the strategies to use.

This side quest demands you to do a Combo Vision attack with Gemma and defeat Auger Sabbat. If you use any other method to defeat the steel body, it won’t count, and you’ll have to start over again.

How to Find Environmentalism Side Quest

To find this quest, make your way to the Musubi Restaurant and find NPC. Just as you enter, you’ll find her straight across the room, chilling in the corner. Approach her, and interact. You’ll learn she’s a Wild Animal Researcher, and as you further converse with her, she’ll assign you with the quest.

Requirements for the Side Quest

If you want to start this side quest, make sure you’re on a Bond Level 3 with Gemma. It is crucial for you to be in a certain bonding level with Gemma before you embark on the quest. In case you find yourself on a lower level, get Gemma gifts of his liking. If he “Likes” or “Loves” your gifts, your bonding level will be positively influenced. Furthermore, doing so will successfully allow you to use the SAS Sclerokinesis skill for the mandatory Combo Vision attack.

Once you’ve reached level 3 and bonded with Gemma, he’ll join the team. Now, make your way to the Mizuhagawa District and travel to the first floor of the Construction Site.

Little Enemies

You’ll find yourself on a vast construction site with a lot of equipment around you. Go forward until you encounter Auger Sabbat’s little enemies spawning around you.  Slash them and use your melee attacks to kill them.

They’ll appear as these tall skeleton figures that will try to surround you. We suggest you run whenever they try grouping upon you and slash relentlessly to get rid of them.

Auger Sabbat

As you’re fighting with these little enemies, Auger Sabbat will spawn into the area. From the appearance, it pretty much looks like a steel horse with a bizarre face.

Fight Auger Sabbat and drain its health to 1%.  The only way to bring him down this low is to use your non-stop slashing and fighting abilities. Then, use Psychokinetic attacks to deplete his Crush Gauge and proceed with Brain Crush.

As soon he falls weak, activate Combo Vision with Gemma by pressing the L1+ key bind. The Combo Vision attack will cause Auger Sabbat to combust and disappear into the air. And that’s it; you’ve successfully completed the quest.

Now go back and report on the quest to wind things up. However, if you don’t defeat him successfully on your first try, you don’t have to worry much. Just travel to another location and then travel back to the Construction site. Auger Sabbat and his little enemies will spawn again, and you can take them down.

Upon completing the side quest, you’ll receive an “A Helping Hand” trophy and a “Those Who Heed the Call” trophy.

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