Scarlet Nexus Dominus Circus Boss Guide

While Scarlet Nexus may have alternate story routes for both Yuito and Kasane, there are some bosses that both characters will have to defeat. One such boss near the end of the game is Dominus Circus and in this guide, we will show you how to defeat Dominus Circus in Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus Dominus Circus Boss

As mentioned before, Dominus Circus is one of the last bosses Yuito or Kasane will face towards the end of the game. Dominus Circus is a small circus in itself, and from a distance, it looks like a walking satellite holding a spinning umbrella.

How to Defeat Dominus Circus

This is one of the final bosses of the game and it won’t go down as easy as the bosses you faced earlier on in the game. Every time you decide to celebrate the victory, the boss will rise up again. This will happen four times before you’ll finally be allowed to celebrate its defeat.

In every phase of the battle, the boss will have more or less the same attacks, and you’ll be following the same strategy throughout the battle. The last time, however, when Dominus Circus rises from dead, it’ll take you a little longer to put it down.

You need to be at the back of the boss at all times. All of your attacks from the front will go in vain, given that it’ll dodge them with its umbrella.

Dominus Circus’s umbrella is not its only line of defense. From time to time, it’ll build a wall of water around it. However, the wall is quite easy to trespass through teleportation. Don’t try to walk through that wall, or else it’ll be a walk of death.

As far as its attacks are concerned, you need to watch out for water bursts. It’ll shoot a beam of water through its umbrella and it can land you quite a hefty damage.

When it’s out of its water, it will charge towards you, step aside on time, or else you’ll take damage. Lastly, it likes to smoke out the battle arena and blind you with it. you’ll find yourself coughing over this smoke a lot from the second phase onwards.

Once the battlefield has been smoked out, it’ll release a black blob and that black blob will pursue you. Try running from it as much as you can or else it’ll cause damage. Luckily, the black blob is quite visible, even when you’re blinded by all the smoke.

As far as your offense is concerned, you’ll have to rely on your melee attacks and the throwable objects floating in the air. Fire-type melee weapons will do the most damage to the boss.

This all that you need to know to fight this boss. Most of your attacks will be dodged, and the game will prompt you to let you know what a massive failure your move was. But, don’t give up, eventually, the boss will go down.

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