Scarlet Nexus Dispen Perry Boss Guide

In Scarlet Nexus, you’ll come across several bosses that come in powerful and unique variations. In this boss guide, we’ll look into your boss fight with Dispen Perry and everything you need to know to defeat Dispen Perry in Scarlet Nexus. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Scarlet Nexus Dispen Perry Boss

Dispen Perry is one of the first bosses that you’ll be encountering in Scarlet Nexus. You’ll come upon this monster in the Mizuaghawa District while playing as Kasane accompanied by Shiden Ritter.

The Dispen Perry boss fight in Scarlet Nexus is basically the counterpart of Gunkin Perry boss encounter in Yuito’s storyline with some notable differences in the bosses.

When you reach to location, Haruka and Naomi will converse with you about being the first ones to achieve the goal. Just as they’re talking, Kasane will catch a thud, and Haruka will apprise you about it. She’ll mention that this sound belongs to a Major Other and you have to prepare yourself for the fight.

Phase One

Dispen Perry will fall to the ground and will not spare a moment before he starts attacking you. As the fight starts, you’ll notice Dispen Perry’s has two types of attacks in the first phase.

If you’re near him, he’ll attack you with a melee side slash. And if you’re far from him, he’ll throw projectiles towards you that essentially look just like water but can cause you the Soaked Status Effect.

We suggest you maintain your distance from Dispen Perry to avoid any kind of melee slash. Start running around and puzzle him, so he doesn’t reach you.

To destroy him, you’ll have to break the big water tank on his back which he’s using to fire the projectiles. Run around the area and use your Psychokinesis Powers to grab little wooden crates and barrels to throw at him. When the crates hit him, they’ll release the content in them and stun the monster. Target his water tank and keep throwing the crates.

If a projectile approaches you, use the same crates to hide behind and avoid the attack. The best strategy we suggest you is to keep attacking his tank to bring his bar low.

If you’ve come in contact with a projectile, make sure to use the Normalization Tablet to cure yourself.

Second Phase

As the second phase approaches, you’ll notice that Dispen Perry’s attack will advance into a spin attack that causes outspread damage. He will also be able to throw a projectile that will divide into three once they release. To combat this advanced attack, you need more than the small boxes.

Thank God, as you’re fighting, you’ll be suggested to pull down the special object ‘Dump Truck’ from above and slam it into his water tank. You have to be precise with the timing, or you’ll miss the chance to defeat him.

Throw the crates towards Dispen Perry and run towards where the Dump Truck is hanging. Attack from where the dump truck is until Dispen Perry jumps there to reach you. Use Electrokinesis and interact with Kasane’s abilities to drop the truck.

As the truck hits and the tank shatters, a cut scene will be triggered where Kasane kills Dispen Perry with the last smash. And just like that, you’ve succeeded the boss fight against Dispen Perry!

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