Scarlet Nexus Character Stats Guide

We have compiled this Scarlet Nexus Character Stats guide for you in which we have covered all the attributes and stats to help explain the different numbers and UI elements that will make the combat a better experience. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Scarlet Nexus Character Stats

In Scarlet Nexus, stats are the values that determine your character’s strengths and abilities. Your player level and the usable equipment determine what value your stats will have.

Your player character, allies and even enemies have stats associated with them. Let’s take a look at each of their stats below, starting with enemy stats!

Enemy Stats

In Scarlet Nexus, there are two enemy stats:

Health Gauge

The Health Gauge, also known as Health Bar or HP bar, can be found beneath the enemy level and type and is red in color. This shows how much damage is needed until the opponent is defeated.

Crush Gauge

Crush gauge can be found beneath the enemy’s Health Gauge during the fight and is of yellow color. With rush follow-up assaults and follow-up psychokinesis attacks, the crush measurement can be significantly decreased.

The crush gauge can also be recovered over time. By clearing the Crush Gauge, you can also start Brain Crush that helps the players to focus on the enemy’s weak point and destroy him in a single attack.

Player Stats

In Scarlet Nexus, there are five Player Stats that govern your performance in combat and allow you to use special abilities:

Brain Points

Leveling up will get you Brain Points and by spending these Brain Points on the brain map, you can learn several skills.

Psychokinesis Gauge

There is a purple-colored bar known as Psionic Bar, on top of the character’s health bar. What this bar indicates is the power and how much you can use objects using currently accessible powers like telekinesis.

The control symbol is displayed on certain objects to signify their ability to interact.  You can then utilize nearby controlled items to hurt the opponent. The psychokinesis bar will recover itself slowly but attacking with weapons will speed it up by recovering a bit (even more so with special attacks).

Brain Drive Gauge

You can increase the Brain Drive Gauge with activities such as killing opponents or even taking damage and immediately activates when fully filled. When full, you character is shifted to a more focused position with brief benefits like enhanced attack, mobility, and psychokinesis. The gauge for brain drive is visible next to the health and psychokinesis bar.


Experience points or EXP can be obtained by fighting opponents and defeating them. When an adversary is defeated, an announcement shows you the amount of EXP that a player receives. This shows how fast characters may progress in the game. You can view it via the party menu.

Experience points are indicated by a blue bar underneath your character level. This also shows how much is remaining to level up. During the activity of brain drive, aggressive activities such as psychokinesis, flawless dodges and brain crushes enhance EXP bonus. Fighting and defeating opponents in proportion to the EXP bonus value will further boost the EXP gained.

HP Bar

The red hp bars at the bottom of the screen measure health. This also shows the actual extent of the character’s health. This HP bar shows the damage any character can endure before he dies. To the right and left of the Bars of your character, the character companion’s health bars will also be visible.

Allies Stats

In Scarlet Nexus, there are three Ally Stats:

SAS Gauge

The SAS gauge represents a link that lets players use their teammates’ powers momentarily. You can find the SAS menu at the bottom right of the HUD in active combat. If you utilize a team member’s power via SAS, the length and recovery speed of SAS will be enhanced by a bonus.

HP Bar

HP bar indicates how much damage a character may be able to sustain before getting defeated. These are indicated in red and the particular number status in the bottom right corner on each side of the HP bar of the main character.

Bond Level

A Bond-level represents the bond between your character and teammates and helps both in fighting and in story progression. In the hideout, the various available characters are accessible there. Players here will be able to check their bond level and begin bond episodes with other characters in order to improve their bond level.

After enhancing the bond level between team members by starting Bond Episodes and by helping each other in fights, you will raise the Bond Level if you communicate in the hideout. With an increase in your allies’ Bond Level, you receive more SAS benefits, and you even receive more frequent heals and revives.

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