How to Increase Team Bond Level in Scarlet Nexus

In Scarlet Nexus, Bonds are an important aspect of the game. Bond levels in Scarlet Nexus represent your friendship level with your teammates and some other companions. Bond levels play an important role in Scarlet Nexus, as they directly affect two game mechanics, SAS Powers and Assault Visions.

Scarlet Nexus Team Bond Level

Higher bond levels in Scarlet Nexus will increase the number of Assault Visions you will be able to perform while in a fight. The same goes for SAS Abilities, as the better bond you have with a team member, the better SAS effects will unlock.

Due to these, it is essential that you take the time out to improve your bond with your squadmates and companions. Below we have included some ways to achieve that and gain a stronger bond with other characters.

How to Increase Team Bonding

In Scarlet Nexus, there are a total of Six bond levels that can be raised for each of the eight total squad members in your team. Raising bond levels extends the duration of squad mates’ power and the time it takes for their power to recharge, as well as providing small perks.

As you increase your Team Bond Level, you also unlock the latest Team Bond Episodes along with new clothing, ranks and matching clothes for the Squad.

Throughout your playthrough, Yuito and Kasane will find various ways they can utilize to increase affinity with other character’s squadmates. It won’t be useful since they can’t join you in battle, but it’s there.

Also, one thing to note here is that many players get frustrated on the fact that their bond levels are not increasing. Your Team Bond level increases but at a particular time, it takes time to increase; however, you’ll still have access to the features

There are two ways to increase bond levels in Scarlet Nexus, by viewing an ally’s Bond episodes, or by giving them gifts.

Bond Episodes/Events

During Standby Phases, you can participate in Bond Events/Episodes with your allies at the hideout. Squadmates who have an accessible Bond episode or a dialogue sequence linked to bond levels will have a pink symbol above their heads while in the hideaway. Once you are close enough to chat with them, you will notice it.

When you engage with them, their interact icon turns purple, signifying a Bond Event. These can also be activated by Brain Messages, which you must respond to in order to be complete them.


The second way to increase bond levels in Scarlet Nexus is by giving gifts to your squad members. Gifting is a bit complicated, as some squad members will only receive certain items as gifts. They also have three different types of reactions on the type of item you gift them. Blank character portrait, small yellow heart, and big red heart.

When you highlight a certain gift when talking to a teammate, it will tell you how much they will like it through the above three reactions. The gifts you can give to your team members can be obtained from Satori’s shop, completing side quests or as loot items in the open world.

When trading for a present in the shop, a little heart icon next to their face indicates which character would appreciate the item the most. A tiny checkmark will appear next to someone’s face if you’ve already given them a certain gift.

Team Bond rewards

As you progress into the game and increase your level (with the exception of Level 3), you’ll unlock certain items.

Level 1: Nothing to unlock

Level 2: White Squad outfits

Level 3: Nothing to unlock

Level 4: Team Bond Episodes

Level 5: Matching White outfits for another Squad.

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