Scarlet Nexus Best Brain Map Skills Guide

This Scarlet Nexus Best Skills guide will be helping you understand everything about the Brain Map in Scarlet Nexus. We will be telling you what exactly is the Brain Map, how to expand it, and which are the best skills to go for during the early hours of Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus Best Brain Map Skills

As is tradition with RPG games, Scarlet Nexus has its skill tree which allows the players to tailor their character according to their playstyle. The skill tree in Scarlet Nexus is called Brain Map and it is divided into several branches, each branch focusing on a specific type of skill.

Our goal with this guide is to familiarize yourself with all of the available skill branches and the skills within those branches, so you can decide which skills you want to get without much confusion.

Both Yuito and Kasane can have their skills and we will be recommending some good ones for both of them.

Upgrading the Skill Tree

You will earn BP points in Scarlet Nexus. These BP points can be used to unlock skills through the Brain Map. As you progress through the story, your Brain Map will reveal newer skills to enhance your character and SAS powers so you should always save your BP for better or more suited skills.

To save up some extra BP, you should backtrack to older areas and farm until you level up. You will earn BP to spend on unlocking skills as you level up in Scarlet Nexus.

Branches of the Brain Map

The Brain Map has been divided into 4 Branches, and each branch focuses on a certain category of skills which makes it easy to plan which branch should you be focusing on while keeping your playstyle in mind. The 4 branches of the Brain Map are:

Expand Skill Branch

  • Rebound: You can prevent getting knocked down by pressing B.
  • Charge Attack: Holding Y allows you to perform a power attack that covers a large area.
  • Item Attraction: This skill allows you to automatically pick up nearby items.
  • Double Jump: Can perform an additional jump while mid-air.
  • Aerial Dash: Can perform an aerial dash by using B while mid-air.
  • Follow-Up Attack Expand 1: Can perform three consecutive psychokinesis follow-up attacks and rush follow-up attacks.
  • Perfect Dodge Psychokinesis Restore: A perfect dodge charges psychokinesis gauge.
  • Slam Attack: This skill allows you to perform a downward weapon attack while mid-air.

Enhance Skill Branch

  • Attack Up: Increases damage for weapon attacks by 5%.
  • Follow-up Attack: Causes increased damage to enemies that are knocked down.
  • Max Psy. Gauge Boost: You can increase your psychokinesis gauge by 50% and upgrading this skill again will increase it by 100%.
  • Revive Speed Up: Increases speed at which allies are revived.

Support Skill Branch

  • Additional Plug-in Equip Slot 1: Adds more plug-in capacity at the equip screen.
  • Shorten Item Usage Cooldown: Item usage cooldowns are reduced.
  • Overkill: Increases the EXP bonus as you hit stunned enemies.
  • Brain Crush SAS Restore: Defeating enemies with brain crush restores some of your health but requires SAS to be active.
  • Concurrent SAS Activation: Allows up to 2 concurrent SAS activations.

Brain Field Skill Branch

  • Time Extension 1: Increases Brain Field time by 5 seconds.
  • Overkill: While Brain Field is activated, hitting enemies with a depleted crush gauge increases the EXP bonus.
  • Launch Level Up 1: This skill allows you to throw additional objects when you have Brain Field activated.
  • Charge Drop Level Up: This skill Lets you hold more objects and increases the damage for those objects when Brain Field is active.
  • Swing Level Up: Lets you swing more objects and in a wider area when Brain Field is active.
  • Launch Level Up 2: This skill allows you to throw even more objects than before when you have Brain Field activated.
  • Reduce Damage: This skill allows you to cancel out half the incoming damage and if you upgrade the skill once more, you can completely ignore incoming damage.
  • Time Extension 2: Further increases Brain Field time by 5 seconds.

Best Early Game Skills

When you have so many skills to choose from it becomes a bit difficult to decide which one you want to go for so we will be helping you out by recommending a few of our picks for both Kasane and Yuito.

Kasane Skills

Kasane is a more support-focused character so the skills you choose for her must be around supporting and survivability. We recommend the following Brain Maps skills to be unlocked earlier for Kasane:

  • Brain Crush SAS Restore
  • Shorten Item Usage Cooldown
  • Brain Crush Money Bonus
  • Attack Up
  • Psychokinesis Crush Effect Up 1

Yuito Skills

Yuito is stronger than Kasane and is quite fast as well so you should tailor him to be an agile fighter. Choosing skills that boost Yuito’s attacking power and give him buffs would be ideal. We recommend the following skills for Yuito:

  • Overkill
  • Power Up
  • Attack Up 2
  • Brain Crush Change Expand
  • Concurrent SAS Activation

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