Where to Get Bandeau Pendu Analysis in Scarlet Nexus

One of the rarer items you’ll need to find in Scarlet Nexus is the Bandeau Pendu Analysis. Finding it is not very straightforward but don’t worry, our guide will let you know where to get the Bandeau Pendu Analysis in Scarlet Nexus by outlining its location and farming method.

Scarlet Nexus Bandeau Pendu Analysis

As the name implies, this item is an analysis obtained from killing a Bandeau Pendu. What sets this apart from other suppression materials is that this one in particular is a rare drop.

Bandeau Pendu’s are flying Others located in the Mizuhagawa District from phase 6 onwards. You have to work a bit hard for finding them since they are very rare.

How to use the Bandeau Pendu Analysis

This item can be used for gifts and higher-level items in the exchange shop. Luka in particular is partial to this analysis as a gift. So keep that in mind if your goal is to increase your bond with Luka effectively.

Where to Get Bandeau Pendu Analysis

The Bandeau Pendu’s are located on the second floor of the Construction Site. Going to the second floor of the construction site is also a little task you have to do first. You have two options of going to the second floor of the construction site.

Teleport to Yugiri Great Bridge in Mizuhagawa District

After reaching that go ahead and enter the Construction site. Take the stairs on the left side and go up. After that take right and continue doing this. After that take a right in the end and you will find two Bandeau Pendu and Plateau Pendu.

Teleport to Construction Site

Alternatively, you can take the easy way to teleport to the construction site directly. From here, just like stated above, take a left and then follow the circle till you reach the lift ahead of the save point. From here you can take a right to encounter the Bandeau Pendu.

How to Defeat Bandeau Pendu

As you know, it moves at high speed. Utilize quick moves such as Luka’s teleportation power to close the distance easily. What’s important is that you utilize the Brain Crush mechanic as it will increase your drop rates.

Try using psychokinesis to quickly bring down the Crush meter of the Pendu so that you can utilize Brain Crush. Continue doing this and you will get the required Bandeau Pendu analysis.

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