ScanSpace Turns Your Surroundings into a Video Game

We came across a very unique project on Kickstarter earlier and we think it is worth sharing with our community. The project in question is called “ScanSpace” and it is a brilliant tool that lets you transform your surroundings to a video game via 3D scanning.

You can easily create digital counterparts of your living-room, bed-room, school, and even put yourself in the game. Imagine playing a First Person Shooter where you are the lead character and your living is invaded by ugly alien creatures.

This 3D scanning tool can revolutionize game development as we know it. Instead of playing games developed by other people, you yourself are the game developer.

ScanSpace is being developed by Teleo, a small studio startup based out of Gainesville, Florida. Their prototype works and now they need funds for full development.

ScanSpace (1)

ScanSpace is essentially an automated process and toolset that we’re bundling as a game to showcase its power. The process is very simple and highly user-friendly. Anybody can scan their personal space with a 3D scanner and then interact with it.

The possibilities of what ScanSpace can do are pretty much endless, and that’s because ScanSpace is converting your everyday space into a world where only your imagination is the limit. ScanSpace brings your personal space to life and then gamifies it.

With your phone, scan the environment around you and use a simple tool to turn it into a game. Need a new map for your game? Scan a different environment and put it in, no need to wait for developers to create something for you.

Teleo is targeting a March 2017 release for this tool. They are asking for $125,000 on Kickstarter, head over here to show your support for this amazing project.

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