Scammers Are Targeting Fortnite Players With Fake Offers

Scammers in video games have been present for a long time and they wait for the perfect time to fool someone, taking their money by putting up fake offers. As reported FOX, recently a kid was scammed for $100 through bogus offers of Fortnite accounts.

He wanted quick access by having advanced levels along with some cool characters, emotes which every Fortnite player dreams about. It’s quite addictive, to be honest, to get those exclusive skins, emotes but getting them through hard work in the Fortnite isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The kid, Elijah, went to a marketplace called “Offerup” and got in touch with someone who offered exclusive in-game content.

The bogus seller made a deal with the kid by offering his account in exchange for 50$ PlayStation Network.

So the kid sent the code of the card to him and asked for details but guess what happened? He blocked the 12-year-old kid. The kid later contacted another player who apparently had good user reviews.

The kid got scammed once again when he was sent the wrong account information. He later told his mother about the scam. Elijah was frustrated, disappointed, and couldn’t believe how someone could take the money and disappear, his mother said.

This is just one case but these scammers are very active in the Fortnite community. In fact, I personally have been contacted by these scammers online trying to sell me a Fornite account. You’ll mostly encounter them on social sites and they’ll make you think they are selling everything including V bucks.

Fortnite is played by millions around the world, especially, kids and teams. The Fornite community is not only targeted by scammers but it is a haven for white supremacists. In a recent Reddit AMA, an ex-member of a white supremacist group revealed how they used to target teens and kids through Call of Duty and Fortnite, praying on young minds and recruiting them for the cause.

Meanwhile, Fortnite itself has become an addiction to many kids. A 9-year was sent to rehab due to Fortnite addiction.

Source: FOX 11

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