Scalebound to be a Launch Title For Xbox One Scorpio?

Microsoft Brought a lot of surprises during its E3 conference, including the announcement of its two most ambitious projects Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Microsoft made it clear that there won’t be any exclusive game for a single console, but seems that Scalebound might release as a aumch title for Xbox One Scorpio.

Speaking with Metro Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games said that the Studio is working on the game to make it bigger than it was originally planned. According to the developer, Scalebound has become large and more complicated after delay.

This statement can be taken as a hint that Scalebound will be a launch title for Xbox one Scorpio. Kamiya’s statement that Scalebound is bigger than what the studio had originally planned might be a indication that Microsoft wanted Scalebound to meet Xbox One Scorpio specifications.

Recently director of Xbox, Dave McCarthy said that Microsoft has developed Xbox One Scorpio because it is something that fans have always wanted. She said that Microsoft wants to give the choice of switching towards a more powerful console to the consumer, and this will no longer be a business decision. She said that Microsoft has received the most request about a variety of options in consoles for consumers to choose from.

Hedeki Kamiya also addressed the fans complaining about the headphones that the protagonist keeps on and runs around with them in ScaleBound. According to Kamiya, this does not make any sense that people are complaining about headphones, as they themselves use these kinds of gadgets and walk round.

According to Creative Producer, Jean-Pierre Kellams, said that players will require to take their time to fully explore the world in the game. Players can travel to cities and fight monsters hidden deep in the jungle, but once they enter a dungeon things will change a bit.

Scalebound will release for Xbox One and PC, however, no release date has been announced for the game.

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