Scalebound Isn’t Releasing on Nintendo Switch, Ex Developers Confirms

Scalebound was an action-RPG that was once in development by Platinum games. The title was set to be an Xbox exclusive and was actually shaping up to be one hell of a title. The game got canned, however, and we thought that was the last we’d hear of Scalebound.

Recently though, a rumor circulated of the game making a comeback but on a different platform. The rumor was very recently sort of put down by someone who worked on the project. We may or may not be seeing Scalebound on the Nintendo Switch at this point.


So this tweet was more or less neutral. The follow-ups on were a bit more aggressive and against the rumors overall.

He also spoke about how the game affected him mentally due to being disappointing. It’s a bit sad to read since we often overlook a game developer’s feelings and mindset that goes into developing a game. This is evident with when the creative director of Cyberpunk switched to Blizzard.

Scalebound definitely did have potential as a concept. Combining both futuristic and fantasy settings into a wonderful blend of action RPG goodness. This single-player exclusive would’ve REALLY helped Xbox against its PlayStation contenders like God of War and Spider-Man.

Kellams is now working at EA. He’s tried redirecting the attention of this Scalebound revival towards Apex Legends and Madden instead. Either way, we have yet to see what becomes of this rumor.

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