Scalebound Designer “Glad To See” Fans Asking For A Revival

Scalebound may yet see the light of day as developer PlatinumGames is still bent on reaching out to all major publishers.

Speaking with VGC in a recent interview, chief game designer and newly-promoted vice president Hideki Kamiya affirmed that asking Microsoft to open discussions over the revival of Scalebound was no joke. He added that PlatinumGames made a lot of headway before the project was cancelled and hence “would love to be able to bring it back” in the near future.

“Having gotten somewhere with it, as a creator I’d like to see it to the end,” said Kamiya. “And I hear fans saying they really want to play that game, which is too bad, and I want to give that to them when I hear that.”

Kamiya further added that publicly discussing a wish to bring back Scalebound is something he has been thinking of doing for years now. “I’ve said it in interviews before and gotten no reaction, but now finally I got a big reaction, and I was glad to see that. But no, it’s not a joke: I’m totally serious about it, yeah.”

Earlier in the month, Kamiya tried to attract the attention of Microsoft by publicly asking Xbox chief Phil Spencer to once again work together.

“We did a lot of work on it, and it’s no use Microsoft keeping the game in its current form, so we’d like to do something about it,” he said at the time. “Phil! Let’s do it together!”

Scalebound was supposed to be an Xbox One exclusive but was cancelled by Microsoft in the slated release year around five years back. An official reason was never provided but PlatinumGames was reportedly facing challenges working with the Unreal Engine to incorporate multiplayer features.

Kamiya, for example, has stated that PlatinumGames was not experienced enough to create a game with an emphasis on online features. There were also damning rumors such as the developer misappropriating its given funds but which have been confirmed to not be true.

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