Satoru Iwata Memorial Amiibo Being Sold for Charity

A new custom Satoru Iwata Memorial Amiibo has been released to be sold for charity celebrating the popular Nintendo president who died earlier this year.

While people obviously want official Amiibo figures for their collection, there are those who also like to get creative. One fan has created their own custom Amiibo that will be very special for fans, and has been done for charity.

Appearing on Ebay in aid of the Child’s Play charity the Satoru Iwata Memorial Custom Amiibo put up for sale by user GandaKris is impressive and I’m sure will warm many Nintendo fan’s hearts, as well maybe make a few shed a tear. You don’t have to be just a Nintendo fan to be impressed by the Amiibo though, as Iwata was one of the most memorable characters in the gaming industry.

Sadly dying earlier this year from cancer, whenever Nintendo did an update at events such as E3 or Nintendo Direct we were welcomed by Satoru Iwata and he politely ran through his latest news. While some may have made this a boring affair he had a certain charisma that the fans loved, and this made him one of the most loved faces of a games company in a long time.

Another reason he was important of course was his work with Nintendo and how he breathed new life into the company. Bringing in consoles such as the Wii and Nintendo 3DS he had a vision for the company that actually made it grow when there was a danger of losing out to bigger companies.

With this new custom Amiibo and it being sold for charity I’m sure many fans will approve (as well as Nintendo hopefully). With the current bid for the figure standing at US $1,575 it is obvious that people are willing to put their hands in their pockets for a good cause.

What are your thoughts on the Satoru Iwata Amiibo? Are you impressed? Let us know your opinion below.

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