Bomberman Is Dead, Long Live Bombing Bastards

Independent developer Sanuk Games has announced Bombing Bastards, one of their first releases on Nintendo Wii U. It’s an arcade game where you put down bombs in a square grid and take out anyone trapped inside.

In total, this gameplay model will make its way through five different worlds and 30 mazes. Inside these square environments, you’ll find a whole bunch of different creatures to destroy.

Moreover, blowing up stuff could reveal one of many powerups that you can use to increase your bombing ability.

In singleplayer, you’ll be guided by a certain Dr. Wily Wallow, voiced by David Goldfarb who recently also impersonated Ludwig Von Koopa in Mario Kart 8. There are five boss levels that are said to be quite hellish.

In multiplayer, Bombing Bastards allows two to up to five players to bond together. This can be done with the GamePad, as well as Wii Remotes or controllers.

Bombing Bastards

Bombing Bastards

Now for the elephant in the room: Yes, it is exactly like Bomberman. Since Konami killed off Hudson Soft though, you shouldn’t hold your breath of a Bomberman revival any time soon.

Sanuk Games also had some transparency regarding Bombing Bastards coming to other platforms. For the Playstation 4 version, they mentioned the delay is due to porting issues, stating:

it will take more time to develop.

The game is being ported from Unity3D to Phyre Engine, as Unity3D does not appear to offer workable business terms for us on this system.

Don’t expect an Xbox One version of Bombing Bastards too soon either, since the platform is particular about its indie projects. Regarding that version, Sanuk Games mentioned:

No XBox One version is in the plans for now, as Microsoft has not licensed us yet

If they do license us within a reasonable time frame, we will be happy to target this system.

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