Sans Mii Gunner Costume Now Available Following Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct

Nintendo had a lot to show us yesterday at their Nintendo Direct, ranging from new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield to revealing Terry Bogard as the new Super Smash Bros character. But, in a video released after the debate, Nintendo revealed a Sans Mii Gunner costume was now available.

Anyone that’s depraved enough to have done the Genocide Route in Undertale (or seen it done online) likely knows how difficult the boss fight is for Sans the Skeleton, who lives up to his threat of making you have “a bad time” if you kill enough monsters in the game.

Now, with the Sans Mii Gunner costume, you can make your opponents have a bad time too, even if you’re not actually using any of Sans’s moves during fights and are simply stuck with the default Mii Gunner moveset.

The costume is quite in-depth, letting you completely remake your Mii Gunner character in the shape of the by-now memetic Undertale character. Along with giving you Sans’s head as a mask to wear, you’re also given his hoody, his fuzzy pink slippers, and his shirt. Your Mii Gunner’s arm-gun takes on the form of one of the Gaster Blasters he uses in his boss fight.

Along with Sans’s costume, players will also be able to hear a special remix of Sans’s boss fight music, “Megalovania”, remixed by TobyFox himself. And yet, even with the Sans Mii Gunner costume and his boss music, that’s not all of the costumes that came to the game.

Along with him include two Rocket Grunt skins for Mii Brawlers, and Zero and Mystical Ninja costumes for Mii Swordfighters. Protoman fills the remaining Mii Gunner slot. All of these costumes for Mii Fighters are also available now on the Nintendo eShop, so if you finally want to see Sans in Super Smash Bros (in a way) then you can buy it now.