Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset Not Launching In Europe

Samsung revealed a VR headset for Windows mixed reality. It’s called Odyssey headset. Specifications wise Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset competes with Oculus Rift and price is also close. But recently it was known that the headset will not be launched in Europe.

The reason has not been disclosed for the headset to not launch in Europe. Maybe Microsoft assessed that commercially it will not be a successful product across the ocean. Or perhaps Microsoft has a greater business market in the U.S.

To many Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset may look like just another VR gear but the specifications speak otherwise. Odyssey offers dual-OLED displays, 1400 x 1600 resolution compared to the 1400 x 1400 on rivals. The field of view is also large 110 degree compared to 90 degrees on others.

It also offers AKG powered headphones, the brand is known for its sound quality. Even though you can plug in your own headphones separately. But the $100 extra price tag might not sound all catchy. Because the market for VR is growing and there are a number of players provided their products at competitive prices.

Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset is bundled with motion controllers and priced at $499. Maybe Microsoft speculated that going much deep in the VR segment isn’t worth the gains right now and perhaps the market needs to mature a bit more.

Secondly, people might wonder that Windows Phones were a success in Europe, think again because Nokia was a Finnish brand and it already had a Europe-wide presence and goodwill, also it was cheaper compared to other phones such as Apple or Samsung Galaxy.

Here the case is opposite. Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset is a more expensive than the Oculus Rift. $100 US to be exact. But who knows MS can change their plans in the future. Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset is their product after all.

Contributor at SegmentNext.