Yet Another Samsung Note 7 Explosion Interpretation, Did They Know?

If there was an award for Smart phone fiasco of the year then Samsung Note 7 would have won that. Samsung Note 7 after few months of launch was reported by a huge number of users about devices’ explosion. Later on, company ran the policy to return every purchased and stocked Note 7 back to company and discontinued the product. But it’s been months that Samsung has remained mum on the cause of explosion.

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Looks like they kept things this way: initially South Korean company mentioned roughly that explosion cannot be simply a battery problem; it is more likely a design flaw of battery. Later on, down the line of investigation and surveys Samsung got done on the smart phone, they found the specific reason which caused the explosion.

The core flaw was in the battery structure design; third party investigation tells that design is irrational; it is very easy for positive and negative to accumulate resulting in short circuit. Samsung has been aware of the reason for Note 7 explosion, but they avoided external details to public without knowing it for sure.

One can only wonder how Samsung could not catch the flaw in their series of tests during device manufacturing. Was Samsung hasty enough to launch Note 7 in the face of competitors without running a device check on Note 7? Share your thoughts on fiasco of Samsung in 2016.

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