Samsung Gear VR Sells Out in UK on First Day

The Samsung Gear VR was launched today in UK and sold out instantly on its first day of availability.

The virtual reality headset based on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone was available in two editions. The first to sell out was the bundle edition, which includes an official Samsung Bluetooth Android controller.

The standard edition that comes without it was the next to go. The Samsung-based VR headset was first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month.

Since then the company has been marketing it extensively by placing demo units at various stores throughout the country.

The efforts left a lot of curious folks and that is even more evident from the launch day. The bundle kit which features the controller is priced at £199, while the standalone edition is at £169.

It has been confirmed that the bundle edition will start shipping out again on February 4. So those yet to purchase one can get their hands on a kit in the first week of February. That said, there’s still no confirmation whether the standalone edition will also return on the same day or not.

Even though the kit is available now to consumers, the Oculus VR Store that hosts compatible content is yet to see a premium option added. Until that time, the store is being updated with demos and other free experiences.

Via VRFocus

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