Salt and Sacrifice Zyzak Zuun Mage Hunt Guide

Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind is a ruthless mage you’ll have to hunt at Dreadstone Peak. In this Salt and Sacrifice Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind Mage Hunt Guide, we will tell you each and everything related to defeating this boss and what rewards you will get for doing so.

Salt and Sacrifice Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind Location

You can find Zyzak Zuun on the lowest level of Temple that leads to the second floor. It’ll teleport up near to the eastern Obelisk if you fight him and his minions here long enough. After that, the Mage will teleport to the second level and then to the third level.

To reach the third floor, go west to the point where you started this hunt and grapple your way east. He’ll teleport higher after this. From there, head east and climb over to the ledge on the right, which leads to a door. The door will be sealed.

To get to the fourth story, climb your way up to the platforms and use the ladder on the left to discover the mage. Then, it’ll teleport to the fifth level. To get the Treasure Pouch that has a Salt Piece, jump across from your location to the right.

Continue down and east using the ladder. After that, go upstairs and climb to look for the mage on your left. He will teleport to the upper east one last time if you battle with the mage there. Climb to the upper-eastern Obelisk of the Temple and begin the Boss Encounter.

How to Defeat Zyzak Zuun

Before getting to know how to defeat Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind, you must know that Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind also summon some minions during the boss fight. These summonses include:

  • Scattermind: Scatterminds are brain-shaped creatures with four legs that can be readily squashed.
  • Burnt Cleftin: Burnt Cleftins are members of the Cleftin clan, the most populous among the Furclad, who perished as a result of Haze’s devastating effects.
  • Royal Mind: Royal Minds are huge, floating minds that aren’t very dangerous.
  • Gray Noble: Gray Nobles are obnoxious, frail opponents that may easily disrupt your attacks.

Zyzak Zuun summons multiple little white orbs at random locations by raising both hands high above to either side of him. A ray of lightning flashes down a route immediately after they arrive, linking each orb to the next and delivering damage on touch.

Before the orbs vanish, the lightning flashes multiple times over a few seconds. To counter this attack, avoid standing in between any two lightning orbs.

Besides the aforementioned flashy attack, Zyzak Zuun whips his hand, elongating it like a root and hitting upwards. You can counter this attack rolling through, but this move is somewhat difficult to read.

Zyzak Zuun sometimes also starts to gather energy. The energy erupts in AoE around him after a little delay, delivering damage to everything it comes into touch with. Stay away from the Mage while he channels the attack to counter it.

Another beam-related attack comes from Zyzak Zuun’s forehead. It flashes and he launches a group of wide arching beams that go diagonally towards the player after a little wait. Roll through the attack as the mage unleashes it to counter it.

Since the battle arena where you will encounter Zyzak Zuun is huge, try to stay as far away as possible from it and attack it from a distance. Since Zyzak Zuun is extremely slow, you can easily get to the other side of the arena and attack it.

Zyzak Zuun does not attack while coming towards you until he is in range. Use this to your advantage by pelting him with ranged weapons and throwables. Zyzak Zuun is easily stunned, and he has a special stagger animation in which his eye gleams brightly for a brief while.

You can jump at him when this happens and grapple for his head, ending in a devastating aerial knife attack. Zyzak’s energy attacks have large hitboxes, so you need to be very careful of positioning and dodge timings. Avoid the attacks mentioned above. When the Mage’s health is low, hit the relevant button to consume his heart and terminate the battle.

Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind Drops/Rewards

The rewards of defeating Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind are as follows:

  • Guiltless Shard
  • Thinking Heart
  • 3037x Silver
  • Enlarged Lobe
  • 9895x Salt
  • Slippery Node
  • Twin Goldenpyr
  • Neural Fluid

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