Salt and Sacrifice Zaruman Tam Mage Hunt Guide

In this Salt and Sacrifice guide, we will tell you each and everything related to defeating Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal by outlining the boss fight so that you can come out victorious in this Mage Hunt.

Salt and Sacrifice Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal Location

Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal is a Chronomancer mage with control over the flow of time and is a major boss encounter on Dreadstone Peak. Zaruman Tam brings minions with him; therefore, players should bring some additional items to survive the fight.

Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal can be found on the Dreadstone Peak. Return to the Temple through the right-hand door to find Zaruman Tam. Defeat his minions until Zaruman Tam teleports away.

Follow him and attack him there. As he falls to the left, he will teleport multiple times. Follow him to the right of the first building you come across in this region.

He’ll then move where you battled The Two That Remain. Then, he’ll move to the second story of the temple structure where the battle actually starts.

How to Defeat Zaruman Tam

Before getting to know how to defeat Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal, you must know that Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal also summon some minions during the boss fight. These summoned minions include:

  • Pendul Deacon: The Pendul Deacons are terrifying gigantic beasts with enormous scythes.
  • Burnt Cleftin: Burnt Cleftins are members of the Cleftin clan, the most populous among the Furclad, who perished as a result of Haze’s devastating effects.
  • Larval Samayavora: Larval Samayavora’s are vicious bugs that take a lot of damage.
  • Glasskeeper: Glasskeepers are irritating skeletons who float around with hourglasses on their backs. You can They may be aggravating and employ ranged tactics to eliminate them.

We have compiled a list of attacks of Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal and how to counter them below:

  • Portal Arrows: Zaruman Tam lifts both glowing fists in front of him while a portal appears behind his head in his Portal Arrows attack. A short distance in front of the mage, thousands of small projectiles begin pouring out of the portal diagonally towards the earth. Roll behind the mage or stay out of the hit zone of the projectiles to avoid this attack.
  • Time Freezing Pillars: Time Freezing Pillars is an attack in which Zaruman Tam summons three pillars in a succession by raising his shining hands in front of him. Anything that passes through them will be significantly slowed. After a brief time, the pillars vanish, restoring normal speed to all those impacted. Position yourself away from the pillars as they begin to appear to counter this attack.
  • Time Frozen Sphere: Zaruman Tam uses Time Frozen Spherical to achieve the same thing as Time Freezing Pillars, except this time it freezes time in the shape of a sphere at a particular spot. It has a sizable hitbox. Do the same thing you did against Time Freezing Pillars to counter this attack.
  • Slamming Blade: Zaruman Tam’s Slamming Sword attack involves him leaping into the air and slamming his blade down on the player. Due to the size of his weapon, this strike has a tremendously big hitbox. Move under the magician as he leaps into the air to counter this strike.
  • Blade Combo: Zaruman Tam performs a Blade Combo move by winding up his blade behind him. He executes three upward slashes in fast succession while moving forward after a brief pause. Get behind the mage during the wind-up to counter this move; otherwise, the combination is incredibly tough to dodge.
  • Portal Blades: Zaruman Tam’s Portal Blades attack involves opening a portal in one portion of the arena. Sharp blades rip through the air for a few seconds, inflicting damage on whatever they come into contact with. To avoid being harmed by this attack, simply avoid being near the portal.

Zaruman Tam is a Chronomancer who can slow down players by manipulating time. Zaruman Tam will be able to hit its foes more easily as a result of this. Avoid temporal magic’s area of influence before its attacks completely develop, as they might set you up for more lethal moves like his Blade Combo.

Due to his channeling movements, Zaruman Tam frequently exposes himself to counterattack. While he’s throwing spells, take advantage of any opportunity to hit him once or twice.

Since he is in a channeling animation for a long time, your best chance for damage is during his Portal Arrows attack. All you have to do now is narrow the distance before the projectiles begin to fire.

As he channels, stay behind him and punish the mage. When he is staggered and his eye sparkles temporarily like a latching point, perform grapple stabs. Once his health has been drained, hit the proper button to kill him and devour his heart, bringing the battle to a close.

Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal Drops/Rewards

The rewards of defeating Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal are following:

  • Guiltless Shard
  • Shifting Heart
  • 3180x Silver
  • Seeing Eye
  • 14780x Salt
  • Temporal Lobe
  • Twin Blazepyr
  • Ephemeral Lash

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