Salt and Sacrifice Varren Ovrin Mage Hunt Guide

This guide will help you complete the Salt and Sacrifice Varren Ovrin, The Vilest Hatred Mage Hunt, as quickly as possible. We will be telling you Varren Ovrin’s location, how to defeat him, and the rewards he drops once you finish the mage hunt.

Salt and Sacrifice Varren Ovrin, The Vilest Hatred Location

To start the Salt and Sacrifice Varren Ovrin Mage Hunt, you will have to enter Root-Ceil Cavem.

As you make your way to the Varren Ovrin’s room, you will encounter several foes on your way. These could be Reptilian warriors with a sword that can be dodged or defeated easily, or there could be Venomous Clusters that can be taken down in one or two hits, and there could be Overseers that have a longer range. So be careful with these.

After entering Root-Ceil Cavem, go down the ladder until you reach the lowest ground. Head towards your right and enter Greymoss Fire. Keep going right, down the hill. Then will come the stairs. Climb them.

You will have another pathway in the way, don’t enter that; rather, jump to the stairs above the pathway and keep going to your right until you enter Caterstone Mines. Head to your right and find Stonehall dungeon.

Go to the lowest ground after you enter the Stonehall Dungeon. Keep going until you find the particle trail clue in the large room. Now it is time to face Varren and finish the mage hunt.

How to Defeat Varren Orvin

It is good to keep antidotes on you while confronting any Venomancer. There are some attacks that Venomancer constantly repeats. Most of them are poisonous, so don’t forget to bring antidotes! There is a list of attacks of Venomancer and their counters below:

Varren Orvin mainly stabs his enemies, and It is quite easy to roll away and dodge this hit. He releases a bunch of poisonous needles toward his enemy. They, too, can be dodged by rolling away or just jumping from them.

Varren Orvin also summons some extra warriors like Serpentid and Ganglers, to take you down. They can prove a bit of a headache. But they do not last long. With a few decent hits, you can get rid of them.

Venomancer creates a circle of rotating needles at a particular location, and after a while, they come on you. Just roll away or jump from them.

Venomancer creates successive black voids at your location that releases poisonous needles after some seconds.

Apart from Venomancer’s stab attack, the rest of his attacks are poisonous, and if they are taken for long, you are going to lose health. That is why you need antidotes so you can restore your health!

Just when you dodge the attacks, try making some hits on his legs. Just doing this would be enough to take him down and finish the mage hunt.

Varren Orvin Drops/Rewards

Once you finish the Salt and Sacrifice Varren Ovrin Mage Hunt, you get a bunch of rewards which are listed below:

  • Poison drop.
  • Toxic gut.
  • Venom gland.
  • Poison heart.
  • Mosspyr

The Mosspyr is an upgrade material in Salts and Sacrifice, whereas the rest of the listed items are Crafting materials.

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