Salt And Sacrifice The Tireless Exalted Boss Guide

The Tireless Exalted is a daunting opponent in Salt and Sacrifice. In this guide, we will help you hunt this terrifying boss, explain concisely where to find him, and eventually how to defeat Salt And Sacrifice The Tireless Exalted Boss.

Salt And Sacrifice The Tireless Exalted Location

The Tireless Exalted can be found in the Temple of Bol Gerahn. To find this location, we’ll guide you from the centre of Bol Gerahn, near the Obelisk.

Make your way east from the center of Bol Gerahn, until you reach the Creeping Caves. From there, you need to head towards the bottom left of the cave structure to reach a new location, the Forsaken Gulch.

From here on, just head west or the top left of this location to reach the Temple of Bol Gerahn where you will find The Tireless Exalted to the west of the entrance.

How To Defeat The Tireless Exalted

In order to defeat the Tireless Exalted, you need to first know about his attacks.

The Tireless Exalted wields a Kasurigama-type weapon with staff at one end and a lantern at the other. The staff end has a relatively longer range than the tail end. If you are at a distance, the boss will mainly use the staff to hit you, but if you are right next to him, he will try to hit you with the tail end.

Using the staff, Tireless Exalted has two types of attacks: Staff Slam and Staff Smash. In Staff Slam, the boss slams the butt of his staff on the ground, sending rocks flying outwards from the point of impact. The area of impact is quite small, so you don’t need to worry. This attack is mainly used at close range.

In Staff Smash, The Exalted raises his staff in the air and then continues to slam it down in front of himself. This attack has a relatively longer range than the previous one but can be avoided by rolling behind him.

The third type of attack The Exalted can do is with his Lantern, called the Lantern Bash. The boss raises his lantern in the air and then slams it on the ground. This attack has a shorter range than the Staff Smash though, and can be avoided in the same way.

For longer ranges, The Exalted will sometimes try to hit you with his staff, but if he cannot, he will hold up the lantern-end of his weapon to summon ghostly figures called Wraiths.

These wraiths hone in on you and inflict damage upon impact, but since they move quite slowly, they can be easily jumped over or dodged by rolling. They will disappear after travelling a certain distance.

Keeping these things in mind, let’s look at the strategy to defeat this boss. You best need to avoid his attacks and use single slashes to attack him if you get the chance, then roll away.

You can do this by first waiting for the boss to strike with his Lantern or his staff. You need to be careful because he can also follow up his attacks with another. Once you see the attack coming, quickly roll behind the boss and attack him from the back once or twice, then roll away.

If you find it hard to fight him this way, however, there’s another thing you can do. All you need to do is keep a considerable amount of distance from The Exalted and wait for him to lift his Lantern and summon the Wraiths. While he is doing this, he is vulnerable for about 2 to 4 seconds, and you can use that time to get a few successive hits off of him.

You do, however, in this case, need to roll away once the Wraiths reach you, or when he starts attacking, and then repeat the same process until The Exalted is defeated.

The Tireless Exalted Drops/Rewards

Upon defeating this boss, the game will reward you with several items, which are mentioned below:

  • Silver x415
  • Salt x3,500
  • Goldenpyr
  • Blazepyr
  • Carved Vessel

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