Salt And Sacrifice The Worm That Does Not Die Boss Guide

The following guide will help you find and defeat The Worm That Does Not Die in Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice The Worm That Does Not Die Location

The Worm can be found at the Elder Copse in Salt and Sacrifice. To get there, you must travel to Dreadstone Peak and learn the rune combination from the talking tree at the top of The Falling Star.

How to Defeat the Worm

The Worm That Does Not Die is indeed a tough Boss, but with the right strategy and smooth execution you can take him down easy. Here we will discuss the moveset of the boss and highlight a strategy to take him down.

Double Scythe Slash: The Worm performs a double scythe slash in this attack, as the name implies – an overhead slash followed by another. Simply dodge through the boss during the first slash and you’ll do just fine because the boss cannot change directions during the animation.

Helmsplitter: The boss will perform a second jump to leap high in the air before crashing down straight with his scythe in this attack. To launch this attack, the boss will leap backward.

Simply avoid the area directly beneath the boss, where he performs the second jump, to avoid the hit. But don’t let your guard down just yet; the boss may follow up with a scythe jab and an upward slash. You can simply roll through them.

Flaming Geysers: In this attack, the Worm will raise his scythe to create several flaming geysers in the arena that linger for a few seconds. The geysers can be rolled through if you want to reposition around them. Keep an eye out for the start-up animation, as the whipping flames at the start can also deal damage in melee range.

Hellfire: This attack looks similar to Flaming Geysers, but this time violent flames erupt from the boss, cascading outwards. Runaway as soon as you see the septagram of flames, and keep an eye out for the start-up animation as well.

Meteor Shower: The Worm will raise its scythe to release a stream of fire into the air, creating a fiery portal above him. Following that, the Worm will lower his hand as multiple fireballs emerge from the portal.

The fireballs will shoot straight down, sweeping outwards in an arc in front of the boss. You can avoid this move by positioning yourself behind the boss as he creates the portal.

The Worm That Does Not Die is a boss with a Fire elemental affinity that inflicts burn damage over a short period of time. Although the fire damage is minimal, the fight is difficult because it is difficult to approach the boss due to the large area of effect of the spells.

It is a good strategy to do a ranged attack since it’s difficult to approach the boss. The good thing is that The Worm is not a speedster. Taking advantage of this you must bate him to one end of the area and run to the opposite end and throw ranged attacks at him.

Since the boss will be slow, it will take some time to close the distance between you and him, which you can use to deal damage. For the rest, simply look and avoid the attacks listed in the moveset and you’ll be fine.

The Worm Drops/Rewards

When you defeat The Worm That Does Not Die, you will receive the following drop items:

  • Carved Feline
  • Blazepyr Trio x 2
  • Twin Blazepyr
  • Salt x 26,005
  • Silver x 150

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