Salt And Sacrifice The Two That Remain Boss Guide

The Two That Remain comprise two bosses: a minotaur warrior carrying a big battle axe and a golden armored female knight wielding a greatsword. The following guide will tell you how to find and defeat The Two That Remain in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice The Two That Remain Location

You must make your way to the Dreadstone Peak in order to encounter this boss duo. Head to the temple on the east side of Whitecrag Path in Dreadstone Peak and there you will fight The Two That Remain; Ouros the Living Will and Tenur Valorous Blade.

How to Defeat The Two That Remain

The minotaur is called Ouros while the knight is called Tenur. The bosses have their own attacks, meaning that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with both of their movesets for the fight.

Ouros, the Living Will

Ouros’ initial attack is Axe Smash, in which he raises his battle axe high in the air and then strikes down in front of him. He carries his battle axe behind him during his second strike, Skyward Cleave. After a brief pause, he slashes upwards in front of him, launching opponents into the air if the move strikes. Before the strike, make sure to use the window of opportunity to slip behind him.

Ouros uses his battle axe diagonally across his waist and stabs with the top of the axe head during his Axe Stab strike. This attack has the potential to be rolled through. Ouros jumps at his opponent, crushing him with his battle axe as he falls in his Leaping Strike move. Roll beneath the minotaur or time your I-frame attack to avoid being hit.

In his Disengage attack, Ouros jumps away and smashes the ground with the butt of his axe. He can also employ this technique to his advantage. Simply stay away from his landing zone.

During his Charging Bull attack, Ouros wields his battle axe with the axe head pointing diagonally at the ground. He dashes across the screen after a few whiles, crushing the player on impact. To avoid, highly accurate dodge roll timing is required.

Tenur, Valorous Blade

Tenur delivers a wide slash in front of her with her first strike while holding her sword with one hand. This is a simple assault that can be easily rolled through. Tenur performs a fast overhead slash after a slight wait during her Helmsplitter attack, holding her blade high in both hands. Get behind her and roll through.

Tenur, like Ouros, puts her blade behind her and then slices powerfully upwards after a brief pause in her Skyward Cleave move. When you see her holding the blade in this manner, avoid her. Otherwise, keep your distance from each other.

Tenur leaps backward a medium distance and then thrusts forward with her blade after a little interval during Retreating Thrust. If you don’t follow her during the leap, the attack won’t hit you. Otherwise, just go with the flow.

Tenur leaps a significant distance to reposition himself in the ring. When she lands, she does damage and knocks players away, however, she hardly uses her move offensively. Stay away from her landing zone.

The most challenging part of this fight is that they will attack and perform their moves at the same time, seeking to keep you trapped between them. These two warriors, on the other hand, share a single health bar, so there’s no need to choose between them.

Both bosses have leaping strikes and retreating movements that they will employ to reposition themselves across the arena. The most perilous position to be in is between both of them when they are close together. Roll behind one of them to continually alter their positions.

Neither warrior is quicker than the other, and they both telegraph their moves, which almost all have a little delay before they are activated. To properly evade and retaliate, learn their telegraphs and assault routines. Don’t get too sidetracked with your blows. Due to the nature of the encounter, you will not have a good opportunity for more.

Keep an eye out for Ouros’ Runic Explosion attack when their health bar drops below 50% since it has a big hitbox and strikes severely. Get as far away as possible as you see the runes emerge. If necessary, dodge behind him, but keep your guard up since Tenur might rapidly apply pressure with her powerful Blazing Fist attack.

The boss you hit last will be defeated after their HP is gone, but you’ll need to score one last hit on the remaining one to finish the fight.

The Two That Remain Drops/Rewards

You will receive Incantation Bowl, Jeweled Fibula, 24,300 Salt, and 1,380 Silver points for defeating The Two That Remain in Salt and Sacrifice.

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