Salt and Sacrifice The Green Huntsman Boss Guide

Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D RPG game where you play as an Inquisitor, roam the Western Frontiers, and hunt down the mages roaming the land. This guide will cover The Green Huntsman boss encounter in Salt and Sacrifice. We will tell you where to find The Green Huntsman, how to defeat him, and what rewards he drops.

Salt and Sacrifice The Green Huntsman Location

The Green Huntsman is the Mythical Dweller of the forest, which you will be able to encounter if you manage to defeat three Named Mages in Ashbourne Village.

When you have defeated all the three Named Mages, go inside the Archridge District and make yourself to the district’s top. You will encounter some enemies along the way.

Once you reach the top, you will notice a sealed door that will lead you to The Green Huntsman boss in Valesnight Square.

How to Defeat The Green Huntsman

The Green Huntsman has a very basic and quick attack style. Rather than staying at a distance, you need to be as close as possible to the boss.

The Green Huntsman does an Axe Swing downward. It is a quick attack, so you must time your dodges correctly and land a couple of hits on the boss. When the Green Huntsman HP drops below 50 percent, he will swing twice. Rather than dodging inside the boss, roll away from the boss to avoid fatal damage and land a couple of hits on the boss.

When you are away from the boss, The Green Huntsman will either do a Bow Shot or a Leaping Axe Smash to gain distance from you.

The Bow Shot can be dodged easily, but you will have time your dodge when he is in the air for the Leaping Ax Smash.

The Green Huntsman Drops/Rewards

Once you have defeated The Green Huntsman, he will reward you with the following:

  • 2 Ashpyr
  • Incantation Bowl
  • 4450 Salt
  • 700 Silver

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