Salt and Sacrifice Sto’h Karrig Mage Hunt Guide

Sto’h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion, is another boss that you will need to hunt down and devour in Salt and Sacrifice. The following guide will explain how to finish this mage hunt and defeat Sto’h Karrig in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice Sto’h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion Location

Sto’h Karrig is a Terramancer of stone and earth. The location where the boss can be found is Bol Gerahn. While you are looking for Sto’h Karrig, you may come across some unnamed mages that only serve the purpose of distraction. Following those unnamed mages may lead you to their crafting materials.

To start locating the boss, go east from the hunt’s initiation point and choose the upper path. Take the ladder towards the vast area with a green pillar to the east. Start fighting the boss here and after some time Sto’h Karrig will teleport to the lower west.

Enter the pit by getting down from the bridge and fight Sto’h Karrig here again. He’ll again teleport. This time take the stairs to the west and go up the ladder. Continue to approach Sto’h Karrig’s initiation point while dodging the swinging spike trap.

Reach the Forsaken Gulch area that is to the west and then drop down to the next area to the cave with the Obelisk. Fight Sto’h Karrig here and he’ll teleport to the west for the last time. You can finally end the mage hunt here.

How to Defeat Sto’h Karrig

Sto’h Karrig will be easier to take down if you have the appropriate levels and upgrades. You can easily dodge his attacks by either rolling behind him or jumping. He loves to get close before launching his attacks which makes it important that you are anticipating those attacks.

While Sto’h Karrig is trying to get close to you, back up and attack him with your ranged attacks. He has slow mobility. Hence, doing so will be easy.

One good moment to launch multiple hits on the boss is when he launches his Rock Barrage move. This diagonal attack makes his legs vulnerable to attack and the time can be utilized to throw at least three hits on Sto’h Karrig.

Another good time to attack is during his Geo Punch move. While the boss raises his fist, you roll towards his back and take the time to good use. The death of Sto’h Karrig allows you to devour his heart and end the fight.

Sto’h Karrig, the Immovable Bastion Drops/Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for defeating Sto’h Karrig, the Immovable Bastion:

  • Stone Heart
  • Earthen Lobe
  • Stony Backbone
  • Granite Mote
  • Ashpyr
  • Salt x4,550
  • Silver x875
  • Guiltless Shard

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