Salt and Sacrifice Parxa Krass Mage Hunt Guide

This guide explains how to defeat Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate and complete the mage hunt in Salt and Sacrifice.

In Salt and Sacrifice, Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate, is one of the two bosses you’ll face in the Elder Corpse region as part of a Mage Hunt. If you’re having trouble locating and defeating him, then follow this guide to know his exact location and the tips and tricks you can use to easily take him down and complete this mage hunt.

Salt and Sacrifice Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate Location

The boss fight against Parxa Krass is located on the western side of Elder Corpse. So from your spawn point in Elder Corpse, head toward the west.

Drop down the two wooden platforms, then drop down to the ground below. Continue heading west until you reach the grapple point.

Grapple your way to the platform on the other side and drop down to the platform below. From here, jump towards the platform above you, to the west, and you’ll discord the Named Mage Hunt for Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate.

As soon as you begin the hunt, Parxa Krass will spawn right in front of you. You can start attacking him immediately. However, after a few seconds, he will teleport away from you.

To find him, retrace your steps back towards the east. You’ll find him right at your spawn point. Once you find him, he’ll quickly teleport again.

To find him again, continue heading towards the east until you reach the main Obelisk. You will find him here, but it won’t be long before he runs away.

Once he teleports, head back towards the west until you reach the platform where the hunt began. Now, go down the path to the east, which takes you to the lower areas.

Go down this path until you reach the Unprofaned Lake location. You’ll find him here, but he will continue teleporting away.

But this time, you’ll be able to find him much quicker as he’ll teleport within this location, just a few steps away. After a few teleports, the Parxa Krass boss fight will officially commence.

How to Defeat Parxa Krass

Parxa Krass is quite an easy boss to take down despite his menacing appearance. Due to Parxa’s teleportation gimmick, once the fight actually starts, you’ll most likely have already taken down a reasonable chunk of his health, so you’ll begin this mage hunt with a little headstart.

Parxa’s biggest strength in this fight is how he chains his attacks. You’ll quickly notice that it does not take him very long to perform one move after another. Therefore, you have to always keep yourself focused during the fight.

An important thing you need to note about this fight is that you should always stay close to Parxa Krass. If you keep some distance from him, it’ll be harder to dodge and punish his attacks.

The most powerful attack of Parxa’s that you’ll want to watch out for is his 3-Hit Axe Combo attack. With this attack, he summons two axes and performs a three-hit combo with them.

The first hit is an overhead slash with one axe, then another overhead slash with the other axe. He then ends the combo with a smash attack with both axes. What’s most terrifying about this attack is its tracking ability.

Because of that, you can’t move behind Parxa to dodge this attack. Instead, simply run away from him until the attack animation finishes. Parxa will likely chain this combo on with one or two more attacks if you get clipped by the attack.

The most punishable attack of Parxa is his Shard Burst attack. With this attack, he raises his arms and then points them at the ground, spawning a construct. After a second or two, shards burst out from the construct and travel a small distance.

To punish this attack, stand right next to Parxa’s legs when he’s about to summon the construct. While he’s summoning it, you can get a few hits on him for completely free.

And once the shards are about to burst out, simply roll to his back to dodge them. Do note that he might immediately follow this attack with another one where he summons and throws a ring at you, so be prepared.

If he performs that attack, dodge right as the ring is about to hit you. If you dodge before that, it will end up hitting you anyway.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make quick work of Parxa Krass. Once his HP is fully depleted, he will fall to the ground, and you’ll be able to devour him.

Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate Drops/Rewards

Upon defeating Parxa Krass in Salt and Sacrifice and finishing the mage hunt, you’ll obtain the following rewards:

  • Silver x4787
  • Quivering Heart
  • Glowing Flesh
  • Kinetic Bone
  • Force Mote
  • Guiltless Shard
  • Ashpyr
  • Goldenpyr