Salt and Sacrifice Padra Sakrev Mage Hunt Guide

This guide will explain go over the mage hunt for Padra Sakrev and explain where to find and how to defeat Padra Sakrev, Bearer of Guilt in Salt and Sacrifice, along with the rewards he drops.

Salt and Sacrifice Padra Sakrev, Bearer of Guilt Location

Starting in Bol Gerahn from the Tireless Exalted Boss Arena, go straight and start climbing and going upwards. After going up for almost 4 levels, you will see a portal on the right side and stairs on the left. Go left from there.

Continue your journey to the top, climbing every ladder, every stair, and jumping on ledges. Again, after climbing a few floors, you will see an enemy on a ledge. You can use your grapple hook to swing past the enemy

After that, you will see a multi-leveled wooden platform in front of a portal. Start climbing the platform. Go to the very top of the platform to see another portal. Go through the portal, and you will find yourself outside.

You will again see a wooden platform with a working zipline on it. Don’t take the zipline, just jump on top and use your grapple hook to go to the other side of the wooden platform onto the ledge. And straight through the portal.

As soon as you enter the portal, start climbing up by using the ledges, all the way to the top. At the top, you will see a portal, and outside will be a ladder that you can climb to reach the upper floor.

Keep climbing up until you reach the top ladder with a portal at the top. Go through the portal, go straight, and jump onto the ledge behind you. Then, continue going upwards.

At the top, after going a little further, you will see a portal, and on the other side will be the boxed skull, which you can interact with to start the Mage Hunt.

How to Defeat Padra Sakrev

Padra Sakrev is one of the tougher bosses, so to guarantee your win, you will need to first learn about the boss. Padra Sakrev has the following moveset.

Mace Strike: Padra Sakrev will summon maces made out of light and will smash them onto the ground in front of them. These can be easily avoided by simply rolling away.

Spinning Mace: Padra Sakrev will summon a spinning light mace on the ground that will attack you and disappear after a short period. They can be avoided by dodging and rolling away.

Pillar of Light: The boss will raise his hand in the air, summoning an orb that will emit a thin pillar of light and will move slowly around the whole area. It deals a lot of damage on contact, but they are easy to avoid due to their slow speed.

Blades of Light: The Thaumamancer will raise both his hands to his waist while they are glowing, and this will summon an aggressively slashing blades which will cut open anything that comes in its way. The best way to avoid this is by getting behind the boss before the blades appear.

Along with the attacks, Padra Sakrev can also summon different types of mini foes, which can be annoying to deal with if you don’t know what you are up against. Following are the mini-bosses Padra Sakrev can summon.

Scourged Penitents: Human-like creatures equipped with flayers.

Saint’s Vessels: They look like a pillow with Hands and Feet. They can summon a pillar of lights just like the Padra Sakrev and can deal a lot of damage.

Traveling Saints: Enemies that can use ranged spells.

Padra Sakrev, Bearer of Guilt Drops/Rewards

Upon completing the Mage Hunt in Salt and Sacrifice, you will receive the following loot.

  • Golden Heart
  • Martyr’s Bone
  • Ashen Relic
  • Silver Note
  • Goldenpyr
  • Salt x 5,395
  • Silver x 875
  • Guiltless Shard

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